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A Cautionary Tale of Curling Irons and Burnt Hair

This totally gasp-inducing video of a young lady burning her hair off with a curling iron made its rounds in our offices this morning, and our editors were universally shocked. We’ve all casually wrapped our strands around a hot iron plenty of times before, and none of us could imagine what it’d feel like to lose an entire section of hair. Yikes!

We were especially surprised because as far as we could tell, this young beauty guru’s technique was spot on. (Heat up curling iron, take small section of hair and wrap, leave for a few seconds to let the curl set.) From what we can see in the video, the fault didn’t lie with her, but instead with the overly-hot rod that she was using. Our recommendation to ensure that you don’t accidentally singe your locks? Invest in high-quality tools that maintain heat at a safe temperature. 

Have you ever accidentally lost some of your locks in a battle with a heated tool? 


For a hair tutorial with a happier ending, check out our video on using a clipless curling iron to score perfect waves.