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Winter Beauty Hacks


The onset of winter brings extreme temperatures, precipitation to give even the hardiest postal worker pause, and skin so dry it makes us want to fill our bathtubs with body lotion. Before you give up and just hibernate in your Snuggie, check out these easy tweaks and survive the season in style.


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Brr! Cold Weather Skincare Tips


It is positively freezing frigid in New York right now, and we can’t seem to put on enough layers. The same goes for our skin — when it comes to extreme cold and wind, you can’t just get away with the same old moisturizer. First things first, you have to exfoliate away the dead skin. Next, think layers: start with a face oil or hyaluronic acid, then add your best moisturizer, and finish with SPF. At night, apply a rich face oil or night cream so that your skin can heal while you sleep. And don’t forget your extremities - your lips need a thick layer of protection too. Look for a rich balm with shea butter, cocoa butter or other naturally healing ingredients. Apply it under your lipgloss or lipcolor to keep any flakes at bay. If all else fails, you can always do what I do: wrap your warmest scarf around your mouth and nose so that only your eyes peek out. Brr!

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