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What’s So Great About Grape, Anyway? Our New Skincare Ingredient Obsession Revealed


Full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that fight disease and aging, grapes are the ultimate superfood. (Photo:

As beauty writers, sometimes it seems like a new miracle-working exotic fruit drifts over from the tropics every season. While it’s exciting to be learning about things like acai berries, goji berries, and pitaya, there’s no need to journey through the rainforest to find an anti-aging miracle. One of the best ingredients for anti-aging is already here, and its home-grown! It’s time to get reacquainted with the humble grape.

You’ve probably thrown them in your salads and set them out with cheese for cocktail parties without even pausing to think about how incredible these tiny fruits are. Unlike finicky tropical fruits, grapes can be found pretty much anywhere on earth (except Antarctica) and are absolutely stuffed full of phytonutrients (aka plant-based nutrients) and antioxidants.

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L’Oreal To Buy Specialty Makeup Brand Urban Decay

L’Oreal will buy Urban Decay from U.S. private-equity firm Castanea Partners. (Photo:


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Taylor Swift’s New Album Sells More Than 1.2 million Copies In Its First Week

Country pop starlet Taylor Swift has seemingly solved the complicated music industry question: What’s the best way to sell an album? (Photo:


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Birchbox Man On The Best Cure For a Wine Hangover

We love sharing our desk space with Birchbox Man since he brings his sharp, hilarious wit to every conversation and makes us some mighty cocktails. Gary Vaynerchuk, an irreverent blogger and wine aficionado, is the newest Birchbox Man who shared his vino expertise with us in this hilarious video. In between his, err, colorful musings about hustling and his barber (who also happens to be a hardcore fisherman), Gary offers up one of our favorite oenophile tips ever: the best cure for a wine hangover.

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The Crazy Korean Pop Video We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

This Korean music video serves as proof that you can never predict the next big Internet sensation. 

Floral prints are a huge hit this summer. Birchbox staffer Kari showed Refinery29 how to pull them off.