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What’s on Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Men’s Assistant Editor, Nathaniel

Time for another edition of one of our all-time favorite conceits: What’s on Staffers’ Desks. Now that we have four international offices—New York, Barcelona, Paris, and London—we’ve got plenty of fun snapshots to share from the Birchbox universe! 


I started my career as an archaeologist [Ed. note: talk about a fun fact!], and still remember it fondly, so I keep a few trinkets on hand to remind me of the old days. The terracotta warrior (from Xi’an, China) and brass helmet (from Ephesus, Turkey) are two examples, but honestly, after all those nights in the desert, the whiskey might be a more fitting memento. It’s a wheat blend called “77”, made right here in the city by Breuckelen Distilling. It pairs smooth and spicy better than most and has quickly become my Friday favorite.

As you might expect, I write a lot of product descriptions, so the brand partnerships team keeps my desk stocked with grooming samples. The one downside? I can only shave once a day (though I’ve been known to double up on showers).
What do you keep on your desk?
—Nathaniel, Assistant Editor, Birchbox Man
Find out how to match your aftershave with your shaving habits over at the Birchbox Men’s Guide.

Candle Safety 101: 5 Tips You Should Definitely Know


When nights are long and chilly like they’ve been in New York lately, we want nothing more than to curl up with a good book or to relax in the bath after work. Add a couple candles around the room (and maybe a glass of Pinot Noir) and you’ve got a seriously calming night in.

But just because candles make for a quick, cozy fix, doesn’t mean that you should treat them as set-it-and-forget-it décor. When 42 candle fires are reported every day in the United States, it’s important to be mindful of the many risks involved whenever you’re dealing with an open flame

The next time you plan to burn a few tea lights, remember these five easy tips to safely enjoy your candle’s dim glow:

  • Trim wick: Before you even light the candle, be sure to trim the wick to ¼ of an inch. This helps prevent any uneven burning or dripping caused by a long or crooked wick.

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