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Your December 2013 Unboxing Videos!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost over! As we begin to reminisce about how wonderful the year was, our first stop down memory lane is your monthly unboxing videos, which we love to watch each and every month. Our theme for December 2013 was Sparkle & Shine but it is very clear that you, our subscribers, bring your own sparkle and shine every. single. month. Here’s to a great year! 

Darah Patterson couldn’t wait to see what her December box held for her. She was most excited about her Honest Company healing balm because she knows it’ll come in handy this winter.

The ladies of MomentReviews both loved their boxes this month—from the inside out! It was so cute to see not only what they were excited about in their own boxes, but to see what they were eying in each other’s. Sharing is caring, girls!

In December, aYetiAteMySandwich received her favorite box yet: She could smell her Greenleaf Starlight Candle as soon as she got her box and couldn’t wait to start filling her room with the gorgeous scent. 


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3 Ways to Avoid Embarrassing Beauty Blunders: Videos of the Month

While we use hair and makeup products to enhance our natural beauty, we’ve all had those embarrassing moments when we’ve actually made things worse. Thankfully, Youtube is always there to save the day. Here are some of the most reliable quick tips and beauty secrets to rescue you from any beauty emergency. 

Getting your bangs trimmed too short—or, gasp, the DIY snip—can be scarier than the new Carrie remake. Howcast's styling tips for short bangs can save you from those awkward hair days. 

Lipstick-stained teeth can be humiliating, especially when no one points them out! Glamlifeguru shares her secret to keeping color on your lips and off your pearly whites. 

Mascara smudges are normally not part of a finished face. But worry not, MimiZLife has a quick method to eliminate the mess without removing the rest of your makeup. 


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Behind the Scenes at Birchbox’s March Video Shoot

Yesterday, Team Content was busy shooting another set of fun beauty and style tutorials. For a preview of what’s to come in March, here are a few pics: Birchbox Staffer Caitlin modeling a gorgeous deep purple eye look that she scored using Lancôme’s Eye Shadow Palette (in the Birchbox Shop for a limited time!); a look at next month’s sneak peek video; and our version of racing stripes, from a brand that we’re extra excited about. Stay tuned for these videos and more next month!

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Behind-the-Scenes Big Hair Tip from Stylist Serge Normant


We’re shooting our February videos today, and one of the highlights of our lineup was a cameo from the famed stylist Serge Normant. Fresh off the plane from L.A. (where he styled Julia Roberts’ hair for the Golden Globes over the weekend), Normant sat down with our co-founder Katia for a step-by-step tutorial.

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Your February Un-Boxing Videos!

Even if you’ve already received your March box (or you’re still excitedly waiting by the mailbox), it’s not too late to look back and remember all the goodies from February!  Last week, we asked you to respond to our February favorites video on YouTube with your own February hauls. We were thrilled to receive so many awesome submissions, and we’ve picked three of our favorite videos to share here.

Making Up The Midwest
We were so glad Bailey loved her Eye Rock Eyeliner—this was one of our favorite products from February! 

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Tweens asking “Am I Ugly?” on YouTube: The New Social Media Trend


There’s a new disturbing trend that’s popped up on YouTube, and I can’t stop thinking about it. News outlets like The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post are reporting that a growing number of adolescents (between the ages of 11 to 14) are posting videos asking, “am I ugly?” and urging commenters to leave thoughts about their looks.

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Video Shoot Recap

Voiceover magic! Ben Spell and our improvised soundbooth

You may have noticed that our videos are of a much (much) higher quality than the average scrappy startup. The reason? Katia’s husband Greg and his company, Red Productions, have been bending over backward to help us. They’re the rock stars behind our snappy Master Highlighter video and sexy animation.

Yesterday, we had an all-day shoot with Greg, Eric Ryan Anderson, and Ben Spell at our friend Jeff Chastain’s gorgeous Union Square salon. In addition to Jeff, we enlisted makeup artist Nam Vo to star in our short videos - they’re both naturals! The day started at 8am with Birdbath cookies and we went nearly nonstop from there. There were a few improvisations along the way: we jerry-rigged a sound booth with a closet, a yoga mat, and a strategically placed mike; and when we needed an extra model we snagged one of Jeff’s stylists. But by the time we wrapped, with beers at Rye House, we had shot not one, not two, but seven videos. Can’t wait to see the final product.