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Peek Inside Nicole Richie’s Vanity and Learn Her 4-Step Daily Routine

Every so often, we get the chance to steal a peek at the beauty rituals of one of our lady crushes. Lucky for us, fashionista and newly minted perfumer Nicole Richie not only let us have an insider look at her vanity, she also gave us the deets on her daily beauty regimen. We’re loving her simple, straightforward routine. 


Nicole’s vanity: Can you say organized? We’re stealing her idea and using an acrylic desk organizer on top of our vanities instead of hiding them inside drawers.

Step 1. I bathe with oils and layer scents (perfume and oils on top of lotion) to create my own unique fragrance.

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Charmed, I’m Sure: Why Juicy Scents Are My Vanity Staples


For as long as I can remember, my vanity has always been a work in progress, but my prized perfume collection is definitely a permanent fixture. When it comes to selecting a scent, a perfume has to pass the initial sniff test—but the bottle’s lovely details (or lack thereof) determine whether it will ultimately win a spot on my vanity.

That’s how I came to amass a trio of Juicy Couture perfumes among my vintage trinkets and flea market finds. I’ve previously gushed about the brand’s scents, but you might be surprised to know it’s the elegant heavy-cut glass bottles and cute accents that have turned me into a sworn convert. 

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Creating A Vanity Closet: Guest Blogger

From the moment we came across Liz Marie’s blog, we knew she was a DIY genius. From organization inspiration to turning old objects into new treasures, Liz Marie has a knack for making anything and everything beautiful. This week, the super-crafty North Carolina resident is guest blogging for us and revealing some tricks of her trade.

A while back, I was getting frustrated by the lack of space in our master bathroom. Getting ready in the morning just wasn’t enjoyable because everything felt cramped and there was no place to sit. So, I decided to make the linen closet in the bathroom into my very own vanity closet.

The vanity added a lot of room for all of my beauty products, and of course I made sure that there was a chair, which I found at a thrift store and painted. My magnetic makeup board hangs on one side of my vanity for easy access to all my favorite products and my nail polish spice rack organizer hangs on the other side. For makeup brush storage, I use two square glass vases and vase filler to hold the brushes upright.

A major bonus of my vanity closet: it has great storage. The two shelves directly above the vanity hold baskets and three-drawer organizers to ensure that everything has a place and that I can find things easily.

We think product maven Liz Marie would find Lash Card super-helpful when getting ready in the morning.