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Member Post: Upcycling Birchboxes

A few months ago, we asked all you Birchboxers what you do with your old boxes after you’ve emptied them. Unsurprisingly, you have some pretty creative ideas. This month, we were super excited to see an email from Birchboxer Annie Takeoka who has been a member since March and has endless ideas about ways to use them. Keep reading for all of her suggestions and then click through to her blog for more DIY ideas.

Use #1:
I recently got married and had so many thank you cards to make and write.  I recycled a Birchbox and used it to carry all my supplies to and from work everyday.  During my breaks, I pulled out the box and worked on the cards.  Having everything in one small, CUTE box made it so easy! 

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Upcycle Your Birchbox: Guest Blogger

From the moment we came across Liz Marie’s blog, we knew she was a DIY genius. From organization inspiration to turning old objects into new treasures, Liz Marie has a knack for making anything and everything beautiful. This week, the super-crafty North Carolina resident is guest blogging for us and revealing some tricks of her trade.

I’m hooked on Birchbox: It’s like your birthday once a month when you get your new samples in the mail. But what do you do with your box once it’s empty? Instead of throwing it into the recycling bin, here are some ways you can reuse it.

Gift Boxes: What’s better than a handmade gift? How about handmade gift boxes! Using twine, doilies, and some felt, I made my old Birchboxes into the prettiest little gift boxes ever, and it makes the you gift you are giving mean so much more. Wondering what gifts you could put in these boxes? They are the perfect size for scarves, picture frames, and jewelry.

Drawer Organizers: Another use for those lovely boxes is as drawer organizers. There is an endless number of items that you can organize with these boxes, such as makeup, craft supplies, and your jewelry. Organizing your drawers can make your life easier and since you get a new box each month, you can make it a goal to organize something new with every Birchbox delivery. (And you thought the goodies inside the box were the best part.)

Recipe Holder: My last idea for how you can upcycle your Birchbox is to use it as a recipe holder. You can label the box and keep it in your kitchen. But don’t stop there: you can also take this idea and instead use a box to store photos, postcards, or other memories.

Check out some other fun ways to reuse your Birchboxes here!

Upcycle Your Birchboxes: Part Deux

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed images of their recycled birchboxes in response to our earlier blog post. We were excited to receive so many inspiring emails and wanted to share the craftiness with everyone! We’ll definitely be borrowing a few of these ideas for our own boxes. Stay tuned for another Birchboxer who went above and beyond — we just had to feature on her own!

Best Gift Box: Jessica “A couple uses I have is to turn them into gift boxes and decorative storage boxes with supplies I use from crafts stores. Another way is to take paper, paint (in my case I used nail polish), and a marble or bead and do a marble painting that’s great for kids. “

Most Practical X Two:

Courtney: “I use my birchboxes to organize my desk and store office supplies :)”

Rishelle: “I save my boxes and I have three so far. One has a bunch of gift tissue in it for when I need to give someone a gift, its all stored nice and compact in there. The second box is being used to hold cards.”

Guiltiest Pleasure: 

Marina: “To hold my ginger chews and jolly ranchers! AKA my sugar box :)”

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