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Instagram of the Week: Safari-Inspired Twistband Combo

Every Friday, we’ll be posting our most popular Instagram from that week to give you another peek inside the Birchbox world. Check back here for more, and follow us on Instagram to see images like these everyday!

We love our Twistbands here at Birchbox HQ. At any given time, you’ll find at least a dozen staffers sporting them in their hair or on their wrists—and graphic designer Charlie is no exception. Her creative use of four Twistbands as arm swag had our Instagram followers buzzing.

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Meet Our New Products: Staff Favorites

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a ton of fabulous new products to our shop this month. And our staffers are finding some new staple items to add to their beauty routines. Here our some of our favorite products get shopping!

blinc Mascara: “I love how the mascara tubes and slides off easily with water and a light touch — it makes cleanup so easy! I hate the greasy feeling eyemakeup remover leaves behind, so this was a huge win for me.” —Jenna

TOCCA Eau de Parfum, Stella: “I adore everything about this perfume, from the inspiration — a mischievous Italian heartbreaker — to the sweetly feminine scent. Plus, the etched glass bottle feels both vintage and chic, and is a nice addition to my growing fragrance collection.” —Mollie

Deborah Lippman Lara’s Theme: “I’m pretty much obsessed with this color — I keep reapplying week after week. It’s so perfect for summer and makes it so nice to look down at my nails! I’ll probably keep using it into the fall as well. It goes on so easily and never look clumpy or streaky.” —Rachel

Anastasia Beverly Hills After Tweeze Cream: “Even though I wish I could always wax my eyebrows, my bank account doesn’t feel the same way. When I tweeze, I always try to put lotion on right after, but too frequently it burns or doesn’t soothe the way I want it to. This really does the job and it’s adorable pink tube is a lovely plus.” —Kara

Shaveworks™ The Cool Fix™ Targeted Gel Lotion: “I tend to get random ingrowns and all of a sudden my beach vacation was upon me. What to do? Within hours of putting on The Cool Fix, redness and swelling was almost gone. Plus, it feels cool as it goes on!” —Eric

Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque: “This super-hydrating leave-in treatment saves my hair between cuts when my ends are especially dry and brittle.” —Meredith

Twistband Hair Ties: “Talk about a multi-tasker — more often than not, these are stacked on my wrist as bracelets instead of holding up my hair. But wherever they are, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without one since they first landed on my desk.”—Molly


Check out more of our fabulous new products in our Birchbox Shop.

Our Favorite Hair Accessory: Twistbands!

When it comes to trends, we usually keep our eyes on the runways and our favorite style icons (you know: Alexa Chung, the Olsens, and anyone featured regularly on The Sartorialist) for inspiration. But sometimes it pays to keep an eye on real life cool girls. Case in point: a few months ago, we noticed all the P.Y.T.s in our office rocking a certain accessory in their hair and on their wrists. Turns out it was the twistband, a new kind of hair tie that’s so soft it won’t damage hair, wide enough that it won’t crease, and comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns that match (or playfully mismatch) any outfit. 

A little digging revealed that these cute little bands have been featured everywhere from The Today Show to Lucky (they’re June Travel Must-Haves) — plus they’re flying off the shelves at Anthroplogie. It’s safe to say that we’re complete converts. We’re using them to keep our hair out of the way during workouts and at the office, and wearing them as makeshift bracelets. There’s not a creased hair in sight! Let us know in the comments, are you a fan? If not, what’s your hair band of choice?


Twistbands are available now in the Birchbox Shop. Stock up in advance of hair emergencies!