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Titanium and Zinc Dioxides: Ingredient Decoder

Ask any beauty editor for her one essential skincare tip, and she’ll tell you to wear SPF every day, come rain, snow, sleet, or the apocalypse. You’ve heard it all before but it bears repeating: UV radiation causes premature aging, and no one wants skin that looks like football leather. But what you might not know is the difference between chemical sunscreens and physical sunblocks. One absorbs UV radiation; the other deflects it. I opt for sunblocks because they have a reduced risk of irritation. Most are made out of a combo of two natural minerals: titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide. Together, these two ingredients form a protective coating on your skin. And unlike sunscreens, which can take up to twenty minutes to kick in, sunblocks start working right away. Click through to learn about my daily SPF ritual!

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