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Would You Wear Braces as a Fashion Statement?


These Hello Kitty braces may not actually be straightening anyone’s teeth. (Photo: We Heart It)

Like many other Gen Y-ers who grew up in America, I wore braces during middle school, and to this day I still have awkward pictures of myself flashing a mouthful of metal. In my opinion, that painful dental experience is best left to the annals of yearbook history, so I was shocked to learn that Asian teens from countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are now choosing to wear fake braces as a fashion accessory. Say what?

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How Young is Too Young to Wax?


How did you prepare for summer camp when you were a kid? My to-do list typically included packing my comfiest sleep clothes, my favorite pillow, and a couple dog-eared books (occasionally a stuffed animal if camp was really far in the woods). But these days, the New York Times is reporting that there’s a new trend among tweens and young girls: they’re waxing their underarms, legs, lips, and even bikini lines before they head to sleepaway camp.

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Tweens asking “Am I Ugly?” on YouTube: The New Social Media Trend


There’s a new disturbing trend that’s popped up on YouTube, and I can’t stop thinking about it. News outlets like The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post are reporting that a growing number of adolescents (between the ages of 11 to 14) are posting videos asking, “am I ugly?” and urging commenters to leave thoughts about their looks.

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What Was Your Worst Beauty Mistake as a Teen?

Photo: Makeup And Beauty Blog

Back in seventh grade, I wore a bright blue Revlon shadow to school every day. My mom should have told me to lay off the makeup, but I probably wouldn’t have listened. The look that should have died with the disco era enjoyed a brief, tragic renaissance on my face. At least I wasn’t alone in my misguided adolescent adventures. Click through to learn the worst beauty mistakes Birchbox staffers made as teens!

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