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Oily Eyelid Fix, Naomi Watts Channels Princess Di, and More
Get your liner to stay put with just a touch of powder and a blending brush. [The Beauty Department]
How exactly does an average 14-year-old spend a day on social media? [Huffington Post]  
Naomi Watts looks strikingly similar to the late Princess Diana in this first official photo from her upcoming biopic. [Perez Hilton]
Never forget to water your houseplants again thanks to this handy new app. [Waterbug]
After only three weeks with lighter locks, Anne Hathaway is back to brunette. [People] 
– Bre
Get summer-ready legs instantly with Caudalie Divine Legs.

Oily Eyelid Fix, Naomi Watts Channels Princess Di, and More

– Bre

Get summer-ready legs instantly with Caudalie Divine Legs.

Estée Lauder’s Modern Fragrance, Beyoncé Officially Not Pregnant, and More
Estée Lauder’s first fragrance in nearly a decade skips the middle note entirely. [Refinery 29] 
Sorry Beyoncé fans – Bey and Jay and are not expecting a second child (for now). [MTV]

Apparently Gwyneth isn’t the only one rockin’ the side butt trend this year. [The Cut]

Our kitchens are about to see a lot more action thanks to these adorable single-subject cookbooks. [Kickstarter]
An 18-year-old woman invents a device that can charge a cell phone in 20 seconds. We can’t thank her enough. [NBC]

Here are 15 uses for duct tape that can help you on your way to better health and fitness. Who knew? [Greatist]

– Bre
Self-confessed contouring addict and Birchbox staffer Deepica shares her tips for an everyday contour look.
(Photo: WWD)

Estée Lauder’s Modern Fragrance, Beyoncé Officially Not Pregnant, and More

– Bre

Self-confessed contouring addict and Birchbox staffer Deepica shares her tips for an everyday contour look.

(Photo: WWD)

Send Secret Messages and Channel Your Inner Spy With Burn Note


Forget sending and receiving photos that instantly delete—It’s all about self-destructing texts now. Burn Note is an iPhone and Android app that’s similar to Snapchat—the popular app that allows you to send self-destructing photos—but focuses only on text messages and can be used for having private conversations digitally. 

By far the coolest feature of the app is its spotlight approach to viewing messages that not only prevents someone from snapping a screenshot or peering over your shoulder, but also kind of makes us feel like spies.

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Could You Live Without Your Smartphone?

Remember life before these little devices were in everyone’s hands? 

A few months ago, I did what no other self-respecting twenty-something NYC blogger would do voluntarily: I took myself off Twitter. And Instagram. And Facebook. My decision to kill off my online avatars was driven by one simple reason: I realized I was spending more time checking my social media feeds than actually hanging out with my friends. The first post-account-deletion days were tough—suddenly, fiddling with my iPhone was a lot less fun. After a while, though, the urge to hit the refresh button died down. I started making more dinner plans and feeling less distracted. Now I’m contemplating making a New Year’s Resolution to impose even more limits on how I use my iPhone: I want to go completely phone-less at least one day a week.

Apparently I’m not alone. As The New York Times reports, there’s a growing movement organized around unplugging from your smartphone, if only for the duration of a happy hour. 

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Carine Roitfeld Is Harper’s Bazaar’s New Global Fashion Director

Life after French Vogue seems to be going quite well for Carine Roitfeld. (Photo:

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Team Intros: Meet Techies Jereme, Isabelle, and Marie

Birchbox is having a growth spurt! We just moved into a brand-new swanky space and we’ve already managed to fill up the majority of it. Much of that has to do with all the new hires we’ve brought on board recently, several of which are on the tech team. We are so, so, SO happy to have them here—a web startup can’t function without plenty of talented techies!

Jereme Corrado, Systems Architect

Hometown: Kerhonkson, NY. I grew up on a small strawberry farm in the Catskill Mountains.

Fun fact: I’ve hitched through most of the lower 48.

Unofficial Title: Mr. Fix-It

Beauty confession: I tried the AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Body Mud we were giving out and I really loved it. But I’m really out of my element here. I’m still working on using lotion daily after Rachel told me that my once-a-month policy was probably a little too spartan.

Currently loving: My new record player, Rega p3. It’s pink! 

Worth the splurge: My dog Walter’s new haircut, which is $85! (Mine is $14.) 

Best beauty trick: The secret to a happy summer in the city, as a man, is powder in your unmentionables.

Isabelle Rice, Technology Intern

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ

Fun fact: I once escaped a bear that was stalking me while I was hiking. I am now extremely overconfident of my ability to deal with bears.

Unofficial Title: Speedy Gonzales

Beauty confession: The only way I buy new makeup is by going to makeup counters and having them do it for me. I don’t trust myself to choose well.

Currently loving: Straw fedoras! I can’t really pull them off, but I love when other people do.

Worth the splurge: A good tinted moisturizer like Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint. It’s great and light for the summer while protecting your skin long term.

Best beauty trick: Drink lots of water!

Marie Matheson, Software Engineer

Hometown: Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, Canada

Fun fact: I was once pulled up to street perform in Paris in front of hundreds of people.

Unofficial Title: Web Maestro

Beauty confession: I rocked a perm gone horribly wrong just five short years ago.

Currently loving: Pocket dresses

Worth the splurge: A good haircut

Best beauty trick: Spray gel for up-dos

StyleSeat: Book Hair Appts on the Go

It was only a matter of time before beauty made its way to social networking. StyleSeat is an ingenious site that allows clients to connect with their favorite hair care professionals, while in turn the businesses have a new way to market what they have to offer.

There are a ton of great features on the site, and their IPhone and IPad apps just went live a couple days ago — perfect for on-the-go booking. You can start by searching by location, and then browse through prices, times, and services. They’ve only listed professionals in the directory that have enough information to inform clients — one that caught our eye? Kao Vey Saephanh, who styled the So You Think You Can Dance’s  Season Five contestants. Want more info? Check recommendations from past customers and photos of the salons. 

You can also find colorists, masseurs, and trainers (oh my)! If you register now, you get $25 off a future service and they also have special deals. We may even need to bring someone into the office next week for some new dos—I wouldn’t be opposed to booking a masseuse either!


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