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Team Intros: Meet Shana!

Back in 2011, Shana was one of our very first ever interns helping out team content—and we’ve been patiently waiting for her to graduate ever since. As soon as she got her diploma this past May, we snatched her up and she’s now officially part of the Birchbox team!


Shana Honig, Campaign Strategy Associate

Hometown: South Jersey

Describe your work: I work with the Beauty Partnerships team to ensure that we’re executing well-planned campaigns for our many amazing brands.

Unofficial role: Hand model. (I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it was a teenage dreams to do this professionallyI even looked into agents.) I love testing out different types of nail art and funky polishes. 

Fun fact: I’m a certified scuba diver. 

Beauty/Grooming confession: I can’t remember the last time I skipped a day of showering or took a shower that was less than 15 minutes long.

Currently loving: LAQA & Co. Nail Polish, I love the sleek design of these bottles. They slip right into my purse and are easy to spot among the many polishes in my cluttered collection. 

Worth the splurge: Davines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion keeps my hair supershiny and makes it much easier to comb through when wet.

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Team Intros: Meet Craig!

When the going gets tough, the tough ask Craig our general counsel! Combining previous experience in entertainment law and business development, he solves all problems big and small here at Birchbox. What would we do without him? Read on to learn more about our very own Atticus Finch.


Craig M. Abruzzo, General Counsel

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Unofficial Role: A cautionary tale for hard living

Fun Fact: I lived in Taiwan for 2 years, and speak Mandarin (sort of).

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Team Intros: Meet Yannell!

Design is Yannell’s passion and it truly shows. Beyond the fantastic work she does for the creative team here at Birchbox, Yannell channels her creative energy into a variety of digital side projects that combine written text and experimental design. She also spends plenty of time with her medium format film camera shooting portraits and subjects with darker themes. Read on to find out more about this artistic staffer.


Yannell Rodriguez, Web/UX Designer

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Unofficial Role: UXer

Fun Fact: I was a Tae Kwon Do national champion when I was growing up :-] Over 10 years in the sport. [Editor’s note: whoa.]

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Team Intro: Meet Dana!

Say hello to our resident bookworm, Dana! She’s not joking around when it comes to her love of reading and is actively involved in two local book clubs. When she’s not engrossed in a novel, you can find her grabbing brunch with friends and enjoying the classic pairing of Eggs Benedict and a Bloody Mary. Her favorite spot? NYC’s Balaboosta, of course. Read on to find out more about this lovely lady. 


Dana, Operations Associate

Hometown:  Summit, NJ

Unofficial Role: Story teller famous for crazy, one liners

Fun Fact: I do a mean, dead-on impression of the butler Carson from “Downtown Abbey.”

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Team Intros: Meet Ali!

Hailing from Boston, Ali came to us back in October to work on the brand partnerships team. As a Manhattan semi-newbie, she loves uncovering all that the city has to offer and says she is never bored with the seemingly endless list of new and exciting things to do. (However, even those of us born and raised in NYC know that feeling!) Read on to find out more about her!


Ali Berluti, Marketing Merchandising Manager

Hometown: Boston, MA

Fun fact: One summer I worked on a movie set and ended up being featured in a movie for a full 3 seconds. Unfortunately, it was the worst movie of all time. 

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Team Intros: Meet Andrew!

The Birchbox team is growing so quickly we can barely keep up, which means we have a ton of new staffers for you to meet! First up in 2013 is Andrew. When he’s not busy crafting marketing plans with the brand partnership team, you can catch him shredding on bass with his band, Twin Wave. In fact, if you happen to be in New York City, Twin Wave is playing tonight at Pianos if you want to check out Andrew’s serious skills for yourself. Read on to find out more about this multi-talented gent.


Andrew Ockenden, Brand Campaign Strategist

Hometown: Paoli, PA

Unofficial role: Desk-top drummer

Fun fact: I have an encyclopedic knowledge of 90s pop music.

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Ashton Hangin’ 10 in Sao Paulo, Kim K Furious Over Cher Rumor, and More From Around the Twitterverse

The good, the bad, and the just plain weird from the Twitterverse this past week:

While the celeb gossip sites swirled with the news that Demi had entered the hospital (exhaustion, anorexsia, whip-its?!), Ashton was hangin’ ten on the streets of Sao Paulo…!/aplusk/status/161492306900430848

One of our absolute favorite classy ladies, Ellen Degeneres, put out a Tweet that we don’t quite understand—but we suspect we would have liked to have been at that party:!/TheEllenShow/status/163084042391126017

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Going Wild: Mood Board

Our creative team is pretty, well, creative and they come across beautiful imagery all the time. Why not share the inspiration? Keep an eye out each Friday for their Mood Board, a collection of images they’re loving.

It’s time to release your wild side. We love animal prints and are amazed by some of the ways people embrace them! We adore the idea of a leopard wall painting, but a leopard tattoo is even cooler. If you’d prefer something a bit more temporary, you can always go the route of a leopard hair tattoo just like our staffer Eric!

1. msdynamitee 2. glossybutterfly 3. reasonstobreathe 4. Pinterest 5. The Fancy 6. Fred Flare

Team Intros: Meet Dave!

Some days, it feels like Birchbox runs on coffee (Stumptown, obvi) and Aussie power. Our crazy brilliant CTO, Liz, hails from Oz, as does Dave, our new-ish Senior Technical Product Manager. Between his hardcore running abilities (he’s a seasoned ultra marathoner) and endless patience with less-techy Birchbox staffers, he’s a total gem. We’d say that Team Content is Dave’s biggest fan, but we know we have serious competition from the rest of the company.

Dave Morrison, Senior Technical Product Manager

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Unofficial role: Google Analytics Guru

Fun fact: I’m partial to a jog and recently completed my first ultramarathon—100km (62.13 miles for the Americans in the audience) through the National Parks of Sydney.

Beauty confession: From time to time, I’ll use my girlfriend’s hairdryer.

Currently loving: Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer (thanks Birchbox Man!).

Worth the splurge: For swimmers, Kiehl’s All-Sport Swimmers Cleansing Rinse for Hair and Body. Nothing works better to nix that chlorine fragrance.

What beauty product most baffles you? Not a product, but threading! What’s wrong with good ol’ wax!?

Meet the rest of the Birchbox Team here and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Team Intros: Meet Stacy!

We’re on an intro kick! Now, we’d love to introduce you to the lovely Stacy, who comes to us from American Express, Nielsen, and, most recently, Zagat Survey, where she worked on subscriber acquisition online. We managed to woo her to Birchbox in December — yay! Extra fun-facts you should know about Stacy: 1. She has amazing, glowing skin. We’re still trying to figure out her secret. 2. She also has a beautiful daughter, Alexis, who’s almost a year old and has stolen all of our hearts. Here’s a little bit more about her:

Stacy Graham, Director of Acquisition

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

Unofficial role: Pied Piper 

Fun fact: I’ve traveled to six out of the seven continents and I plan to go to the seventh (Antarctica) very soon!

Beauty confession: I’ve used Oil of Olay as my facial moisturizer since I was 14 years old.

Currently loving: Bond No. 9 Union Square perfume.

Worth the splurge: A great deep tissue massage.

Best beauty trick? Exfoliating your skin everyday. It keeps you looking young!