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The Weirdest Origin Stories We’ve Heard in the Beauty World


In the summer of 1853, a hot tempered chef was manning the kitchen at a chic resort. A dinner guest found the chef’s French fries too thick for his liking and sent the plate back to the kitchen. In an effort to one up the persnickety customer, the chef sliced the potatoes paper-thin. And eureka! America’s favorite salty, snack—duh! the potato chip—was born. 

Unexpected discovery of a seriously great thing, right? Like our favorite crunchy fix, these four beauty products have surprising (and totally awesome!) beginnings. 

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Fake A Beach Tan with this 2-Second Bronzer Trick

Photo: Allure

Just because I’m deathly afraid of the sun doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a healthy glow. Since I don’t tan for real, I rely on sunless tanner all summer long to keep me looking bronzed (and from frightening anyone with my pallor while in a two-piece). But honestly, in the winter, I just can’t be bothered to slather on tanner from head to toe—mainly because it’s a lot of effort when the only skin I bear from November to March is my face and hands.

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