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The Birchbox BBQ Survival Kit


The fourth of July means that we get two of our favorite summer activities packed into one day: 1. gorgeous fireworks and 2. endless BBQ. But as much as we would love to dive straight into the deliciousness of it all, we’ve got to be prepared for everything from stains to sunburns. To gear up for Independence Day festivities, we’ll be grabbing these products so our totes are prepped:

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A Handy Survival Kit for Your Holiday Travels

Overbooked flights. Train delays. Stinky seatmates. No one said holiday travel was easy, but it would be nice if it didn’t crush your body as well as your spirit. We asked Melisse Gelula, wellness expert and co-founder of Well+Good NYC, for advice on how to stay happy and healthy during the busiest travel season. Turns out it’s easier than you think.

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Eat at home beforehand
“You’re surrounded by high-carb, prepackaged foods at airports and train stations,” says Gelula. “So I eat a really healthy meal at home beforehand, like a kale salad with avocado and almonds.” A light, well-balanced meal will curb the impulse to reach for that in-flight Chex Mix freebie. To satisfy a mid-journey snack attack, reach for smart-but-tasty option like Lärabar’s ϋber bar.

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Survival Tips For The 74th Hunger Games

We’ve been waiting for months and the 74th Hunger Games are finally here…tonight! Although some of you may have already seen it—the film did make a record-breaking $19.7 million at its midnight showings last night—we’re sure many of you will be there tonight and the rest of this weekend just like us. To prepare you for the thrilling experience, we’ve put together a few survival tips. In other words, what would we hope to find in our own bright orange backpack. 

1. Do dress the part: You’re not really a fan unless you dress up for the movies. We recommend wearing at least one of the following: The Katniss Braid, themed nails, a Mockingjay pin, or Capitol-appropriate lip tattoos from Violent Lips. Or you can always channel President Snow and spritz on some Blood Concept Fragrance.

2. Do boost your energy before the show starts: You’re going to want to be alert and paying attention for the full two hours and twenty two minutes so drink an e-boost on the way in.

3. Don’t load up on the soft drinks: We’ll probably ignore our own advice but it would be a real tragedy to have to run to the bathroom halfway through The Reaping. How will you know whose names Effie pulls?

4. Do stock up on Tums: We’re definitely going to be gorging on loads of popcorn and candy tonight. The last thing we want to do is ruin the movie with a tummyache so we’ll be throwing some stomach-soothing meds in our purses for easy access.

5. Do wear comfortable shoes: Chances are you’ll be standing on line to get a seat for quite a while. Plus, Katniss would approve of your practicality. We’re digging these laidback grey Toms.


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Survive All Your Holiday Parties With Our Guide to the Season

We love the holidays. The twinkly lights, cheerful spirit, and gift giving make us all warm and tingly inside. But the pressure from a packed schedule, stretched gift budget, and Christmas music playing on repeat can also turn even the most jolly into the Grinch. Never fear, we have some foolproof ideas for getting through the holidays with your sanity intact. Read on.