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Superbowl: We Care. Really. Seriously!

Photo: Peachy Green

You might be surprised how often the subject of football comes up at Birchbox HQ. But it does, and not just because Matt Field is a sports fanatic. As Katie Baker pointed out in the NY Times last weekend, 34 percent of the National League viewers are women. Anecdotally we can tell you that our staff has at least three die-hard female football fans (don’t even bring up the Jets around Katia – she’s still sad). And so, here’s Matt’s take on this weekend’s match up, and why you should care.  

At 6:30 PM EST this Sunday night, people across the country will make the ages old pilgrimage towards their lazy boys and local taverns in preparation for Super Bowl XLV. Jerseys will be donned, copious hot wings will be eaten, the Black-eyed Peas will perform, and at the end of it all, one city – Pittsburgh, PA or Green Bay, WI – will rejoice, while the other will capitulate into a state of enduring melancholy, consoling itself only with the knowledge that “next year will be different.” So what?, many of you may be asking. Why does this matter to me?

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