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Supergoop! Launches Project Backpack

Around the Birchbox office, I am known as the sunblock pusher. “Don’t forget your SPF” and “be sure to reapply throughout the day” are things you will commonly hear me saying. As a fair-skinned gal, I learned in my early twenties the dangers of being casual with your sun protection. Ever since, I’ve tried to spread the good SPF word. That’s why I was particularly excited to meet Holly Thaggard, the founder of sunscreen empire Supergoop!, recently in New York.

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Hurrah! Clarins Cult SPF Gets an Update

A few years ago, I went on a search for a daily SPF that I could wear all summer long. I had long list of criteria: I wanted something light and mattifying that wouldn’t give my skin a ghostly cast. It also had to have SPF 30 or more, since I didn’t want to be worrying about reapplying constantly. Oh, and I needed a bottle that was 3.2 fl oz or less, so I could take it with me on flights. 

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Dollars & Sense: Why This Smart Sunscreen Trumps a Sun Hat

The best skincare products may not be cheap, but trust us: they’re worth every penny. Every week, we’ll break down the math and show you exactly why that fancy serum or cream is a smart splurge. This week, we’re showing off one of our brand new products! 

Our pick of the week: We’re total sunscreen geeks here at Birchbox HQ, but even the most SPF savvy among us were blown away by NIA 24’s Sun Damage Prevention Sunscreen. As the name suggests, the broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen shields us from both UVA and UVB rays, but it also has the miraculous ability to fade the signs of past sun exposure (read: dark spots) and fortify skin against future damage. How does it work? The brand’s buzzed-about ingredient, Pro-Niacin, is a refined form of vitamin B that sinks beneath the surface to trigger your cells’ natural repair process. It also boosts your skin’s defense barrier, making it better equipped to deflect harmful solar rays. Plus, we’re happy to report that the creamy lotion isn’t greasy at all and works perfectly under makeup. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind sunscreen after the jump!

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My Mission: Finding Sunblock That Doesn’t Sting My Eyes

Mission No Sting Sunscreen Facestick SPF 30, $8.99,

There is nothing worse that being on a long (or even a short) run and having your sunscreen get in your eyes and start to sting. As someone who has been running for many years, I can attest to how often this happens, even with ultra-sweatproof sunblocks. Given that I’ve been on a long-term hunt for for a product to eliminate this problem, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve finally found it: Mission’s No Sting Sunscreen with SPF 30. I really put this handy-dandy stick to the test yesterday while I was running with an old college teammate up in Connecticut. It was at least 90 degrees outside and on the route we choose there was very little shade. Despite the fact that I was melting, this sunscreen did not budge or burn my eyes. Plus, I use it to protect my lips. For anyone who is active outdoors in the summer, this is just about the best under $10 investment you can possibly make.


For when I am not out on a run, my go-to sunscreen is Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+.