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Why Mineral Makeup is So Good for Your Sensitive Skin: Guest Blogger

As skincare buffs, we wish we could spend our days wandering the world in search of the latest miracle serum, but most of the time we have to wait for the best products to find us. That’s why we’re fans of Peach and Lily, a blog and new online boutique that brings hard-to-find, best-selling beauty products from Korea and Japan to the US. This week, Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim, the site’s co-founders, will be sharing their globetrotting experiences and dispensing their hard-earned wisdom. 

We recently went on a serious mineral skincare hunt. Why, you ask? Because mineral-based products don’t include parabens, alcohol, dyes, perfumes, preservatives, mineral oils, lead or (best of all) talc! This is great news for acne-prone or sensitive skin since everything is mild, non-comedogenic, and won’t irritate the skin. (Think Bare Minerals). Essentially you’ll get great, gentle coverage. So given that Korea is the "skincare superpower" according to Marie Claire, we wanted to see what mineral-based skincare goodies we could find over here.

Drumroll please…. 


We’d like to introduce Sua Young—a brand carried in leading spas throughout the world which is making quite the splash in Korea.

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