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5 Question For…That’s Foxy Founders Mimi Nguyen and Kristin Ming


1: Minty Scalloped Statement Necklace | 2: Fur Pom Pom Beanie | 3: Bowie Genuine Leather Gloves | 4: Gemma Bowling Bag | 5: Triple Stacked Glimmer Rings | 6: Razor Charm Ring

Our love for fashion is almost as serious as our beauty addiction, which is why we’re such big fans of the new style site, Co-founders Mimi Nguyen and Kristin Ming created a space where you can not only share your favorite looks à la Pinterest, but also buy those styles and equally pretty accessories from their curated shop. (Your favorite looks help them choose which items to feature!) Everything about the experience is designed to make fashion and trends not only totally accessible, but also a process you can participate in as a tastemaker. Click through to find out more!

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Team Intros: Meet Techies Ashley and Jenn!

It may not always seem like it since we talk about beauty and lifestyle so much, but Birchbox is a tech company, too! Which means that we’re always in need of smarty tech gurus. Enter Ashley and Jenn, who both hail from Cornell and the burgeoning NYC startup scene. Before she started, Ashley was Employee number one at Knewton, a startup that recommends online learning content to students. Meanwhile, Jenn not only worked for Etsy, but founded, a website that helps you track your goals. Color us impressed! Learn more about these ladies below.

Name/Title: Ashley Miller, Software Engineer

Hometown: Merrick, NY

Unofficial role: Healthy-Lunch-Place Picker

Fun fact: I used to DJ a radio show in college. A few friends and I played a mix of music—mostly ska with some indie thrown in. I think we had four listeners on a good night. 

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Who to Follow on Pinterest

We love Pinterest, and we know you do too! It’s our favorite place to go for inspiration—so many fun DIY projects to try, manicures to copy, and styles to envy. And the Design Sponge-worthy home decor pics? We swoon. In case you’re new to the pinning game, we’ve compiled a handy cheat sheet of the “who’s who” on Pinterest. 

Erica Domesek

Erica is a NYC-based creator and DIY expert whose motto is “I see it. I like it. I make it.” Her boards are a mix of DIY, inspiration, and style. She’s also a past Birchbox Crush!

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Out of the (Birch)Box

After a long day at work, the funny things around the office start to seem normal, but trust me, we’ve got some out of the Birchbox stuff, check it out! 

Left: The other day I mentioned how beauty lovers are also animal lovers. This is our favorite shaped snack: cheddar bunnies!

Right: Eric and Molly were really curious about what would happen if they had a child, and it’s a miracle…their virtual result was actually born at age three.

Left: We enjoy our view of New York City so much that we’ve opted not to invest in blinds, huge sheets paper do the job just fine.

Right: Who needs forks when you have a lifetime supply of chopsticks…sushi anyone?

Left: One of our beloved investors sent us some sweet monogramed kicks. They happen to be just my size…hmm…

Right: Jennie, our E-Commerce manager, sporting her second place flag-football medal. It usually hangs on the wall—we’re really proud of our accomplishments here!

Left: Our delicate plant, held together with hair clips, would you expect anything else from a beauty company?

Right: Our Brand Team’s mascot, Ms. Martini, a New Orleans native. I think that pretty much sums it up.


Female Founders: Field Trip to Digitas

Katia and Hayley at Digitas

Haven’t you heard? Women are the driving force behind New York’s red hot tech scene. The city is full of inspiring women doing phenomenal things, from Hashable’s Rachel Sklar (founder of Change the Ratio) to Rachel Sterne, the city’s first Digital Officer. Today, Katia and Hayley took a field trip to Digitas’s New York HQ to talk with a group of other amazing women as part of the company’s Women’s Initiative. (They also brought a mountain of May Birchboxes with them.) They sat down for an hour-long discussion about the digital landscape, startups and, of course, beauty. 

The Digitas ladies opening their Birchboxes.

Much of the conversation revolved around the nitty gritty of starting a company. Katia says, “We tried to demystify the process, and talked candidly about how we went from idea to what we are now.” Above all, there was a lot of interest in how startups actually work — “It’s basically no sleep and having an army of people who don’t sleep,” says Katia. The duo also got the chance to watch the women open their Birchboxes in person, which is always fun!

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