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New Veronica Mars Photos, MObama Joins Instagram, and More
The Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie is currently filming and photos from the set will certainly have fans speculating plot points. [Huffington Post]
First Lady Michelle Obama is now on Instagram! [Perez Hilton]
Rebecca and Uri Minkoff talk about the importance of consumer interaction and being nice in the fashion industry. [Fashionista]
Blake Lively admits to trimming her own split ends, but is she actually damaging her trademark hair? [Allure]
The founder of Urban Compass shares his must-have health list for surviving a startup. From rooftop yoga to office-wide-meals, we certainly approve. [Q Equinox]
Envy Blake’s summer glow? Check out these natural summer beauty tips from celeb makeup guru Katey Denno.

New Veronica Mars Photos, MObama Joins Instagram, and More


Envy Blake’s summer glow? Check out these natural summer beauty tips from celeb makeup guru Katey Denno.

Check Out Our New “What Is Birchbox?” Video!

We’re really excited to debut our new Birchbox video. We shot this earlier this year with the help of the amazing team at The Bindery. Our goal was to capture the feeling of being a Birchbox subscriber and the diversity of our members, while also explaining how our service works. We hope you’ll watch and tell us what you think. And thank you for being a part of the Birchbox community—we wouldn’t be here without you!

P.S. The song is by the lovely Holley Maher, via the awesome folks at The Music Bed.

Birchbox isn’t just for ladies! Learn more about Birchbox Man, a monthly service that delivers the best in grooming and lifestyle.

5 Questions For…Cath Levene, Co-Founder of Artspace

Artspace co-founder Cath Levene and one of her current favorite works, Chanel Blue, 2012 by Steve Miller.

While we love art, we rarely pry ourselves away from our laptops long enough to get to museums and galleries. But we get our fix in other ways, namely through Artspace, a genius site that is designed to help collectors and aspiring collectors (us!) find new artwork. Co-founders Cath Levene and Chris Vroom have combined their collective wisdom (she spent 14 years working at tech powerhouses like DailyCandy and Glam Media, while he ran an art non-profit called Artadia) to build a site that connects art lovers and artists from around the world. Not only is the site inspiring eye candy, but it’s also filled with fascinating artist bios, interviews, and curated collections. We asked her for advice on becoming a collector, the pieces she’s coveting right now, and more.  

1. How did you come up with the idea for Artspace?

Artspace was the joint vision of my partner Chris Vroom and me. We come from totally different but complimentary backgrounds and both saw just a huge need in the market to help collectors and aspiring collectors discover, learn about, and buy artwork from all around the world and to help artists, museums and galleries reach new audiences.

2. How does buying and researching art online differ from traditional methods—galleries, museums?

Both methods are great for different times and places. There is nothing quite like walking into a gallery and museum and seeing the work close up. I love doing that and will continue to do that for a lifetime. With regard to buying online or sight unseen, it’s actually quite a joy too, because you come back to it often, read about the work, see it up close (through zooming and panning), immediately get the prices (which is often not the case in certain offline experiences), learn about the artist and their practice, get a sense for which museums are collecting their work, and of course buy work from all over the world 24/7.

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Team Intros: Meet Noha & Whitney!

If there is one department at Birchbox that you’ve probably spoken to at one time or another, it’s our Operations team! These stellar staffers respond personally to hundreds of emails and phone calls each week. So when it came to adding to their ranks, you know it was only the best of the best. Our newest team members, Noha and Whitney, are pretty impressive. In between interning at MSNBC and the UN, working in publishing and at A & E’s Biography channel, Noha started a club at her alma mater, Rutgers, to expose the student body to Arab culture, which ended up winning an award from Governor Corzine. She could be in law school right now, but she chose us instead! (Birchbox FTW!). On the other hand, Whitney has not one but TWO regional Emmys! The filmmaker is also a big TV buff (go figure) and is currently loving American Horror Story on FX. 

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Lineby Brings You Limited Edition Pieces Designed by Blog Stars

Sergeant Sparkle Blouse by Pretty Shiny Sparkly, $98;

In the morning, it’s all I can do to get out the door, much less put together an interesting outfit. But fashion bloggers are a different breed. They have a knack for pairing pieces in a way that’s more artsy than utilitarian. Now, a new startup is helping those bloggers turn their sartorial skills into limited edition fashions. Lineby, which launched last week, taps bloggers to create unique designs that are then handmade in New York City. Their first collaboration? A fiery red frock designed by the Man Repeller. Each edition only lasts for 48 hours, so it’s long gone but you have plenty of other opportunities. Today, they’re debuting a gorgeous olive silk blouse by Pretty Shiny Sparkly that is both wearable and exciting. In fact, I think I need one myself. Head on over and check it out right now — you’ll also find a fun behind the scenes videos and ideas on how to style your new blouse. And don’t forget to sign up to get early access!


Team Intros: Meet Caitlin!

We’re powering through a few more team intros this week. Today, meet Caitlin! Even though everyone at Birchbox has had interesting jobs, we still geek out over newbies who have worked at our favorite companies. Case in point, Caitlin has logged time Harper’s Bazaar, Ideeli, and Rent the Runway. Aka, she’s totally glamourous and has excellent taste. Her answers below only confirm this fact! She also has long-long hair (this picture is after a recent cut!) that we’re hoping she’ll let us play with soon.

Caitlin, Director — Beauty Partnerships

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Unofficial role: Hair Model

Fun fact: I just started writing a screenplay (in my spare time!)

Beauty confession: There are about 300 nail polishes strewn around my apartment. Obsession doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Currently loving: Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Schiap, a pretty shocking pink.

Worth the splurge: Getting your makeup done by a professional.

Best beauty trick: Sleep, exercise, and healthy food — I don’t believe in shortcuts!

Team Intros: Meet Leah!

Happy Monday! How about another Birchbox Team intro to brighten up your morning? Meet Leah, a former Bain consultant and private equity investor who graduated from Harvard Business School in 2011. We’re excited that she ignored all those other sexy startups to join our team. She’s tiny but mighty, a strategic force with reeeediculous PowerPoint and Excel skills. Did we mention she’s also a dream to work with?


Leah, Director - Beauty Partnerships

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA.

Unofficial role: Powerpoint Whisperer.

Fun fact: Used to run a baby clothing company.

Currently loving: Limited Edition Bride Box - perfect for my wedding next June!

Worth the splurge: YSL Matt Touch Primer — I’ve never used a mattifer that was so smooth and perfect under makeup or on its own!

Beauty trick: Cocoa butter mixed with shea butter is absolutely the best heavy duty body moisturizer for the winter months, plus it’s great for making skin tone more even.

Beauty confession: I love the look of dark lipstick but haven’t found the perfect one yet. Still looking…

Team Intros: Meet Nicole!

Rarely a day goes by without a Birchbox staffer uttering the words, “Nicole is amazing.” And she is. Really freaking amazing. From keeping our kitchen stocked with fresh fruit and almond milk to making sure we have recycling bins and dental insurance, she really is the cat’s pajamas. Case in point: Today she’s orchestrated an early Halloween party complete with kegerator, costume parade, and lots of candy. We’d be lost without her.

Nicole Fealey, Office Manager

Hometown: Currently live with my husband and daughter in Astoria, NY (NYC’s “left bank”) but grew up in Coeymans Hollow, New York USA! Points for anyone that can find it on the map without using Google.

Unofficial title: Captain Amazing

Fun fact: My husband and I love animated comedy TV (We DVR South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons & Archer) and dream of writing for those shows some day. Having a child of our own only makes them funnier.

Beauty confession: I have been growing out my eyebrows for over six years after some serious over-plucking in college. They might be back to normal by 2018. When I walk into a salon to have them done, they just shake their heads.

Currently loving: Aveda’s renewing lip treatment. The change of weather is wreaking havoc with my lips and this really helps to heal them.

Serious fragrance splurge: Clive Christian 1872 for Women. It will be the first thing I buy when I win the lottery. I ration the little bottle I was gifted for important events!

Best beauty trick: No tricks up my sleeve at all! Seriously, if I had a beauty column, I would have to beg Mark Bittman to let me call it “The Minimalist.” I am glad I have the Birchbox team to teach me everything they know.