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Test-Drive: Tripling Up on theBalm’s Stainiac

We’ve been on a cheek stain kick from the moment theBalm’s Stainiac landed on our desks. Not only does this smooth gel make it easy to brighten lips and cheeks, but it comes in three amazingly flattering shades: Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen, and Beauty Queen. We put the tints to the test on three of our very own staffers and were happy to find that the shades looked lovely on each of them.

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VIDEO: How To: Apply Cheek And Lip Stain

We’re crazy about multitasking products. After all, who wants to spend hours applying makeup when you could be brunching with friends or checking out the latest Ryan Gosling flick? That’s why we’re so obsessed with theBalm’s super-efficient lip and cheek stain, Stainiac. Watch our video to learn how to use a stain to get a long-lasting rosy lip and cheek. 


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June Sneak Peek: A Long-Wearing, Super Flattering Lip & Cheek Tint

Though we don’t like to dwell on the weather, it’s been remarkably gloomy in the Big Apple these past few days, and we’ve been coping with colorful, long-lasting makeup. Today’s winner: theBalm’s Stainiac, which—surprise!—many of our members will be receiving this month. The two-in-one lip and cheek stain comes in three very wearable shades, with our favorite being Beauty Queen, a deep berry. The gel-packed wand deposits a pretty, buildable tint and livens up wan complexions. 

The cool thing about Stainiac is that since it’s water-based, it takes longer to dry than conventional stains and gives you more time to blend. No streaking! Once it’s set, it will hold up even when you’re braving a torrential thunderstorm armed with only an umbrella and your cab-waving skills. 

We gave the stain to three different staffers to see how it looked in real life—click through to see how they wore it!

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