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A St. Paddy’s Day-Inspired Potato Dish: Birchbox Test Kitchen

You miiiight have noticed by now that Birchbox staffers have an ever-so-slight obsession with food, from colorful (and totally yummy) vegetables to delicious smoothies. Which is why we’ve enlisted our in-house recipe guru Nicole to divulge her kitchen secrets each week, sharing seasonal ingredients, must-have tools, and new cooking methods. 


In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend, we’re cooking up the Irish classic colcannon. A delicious, creamy combination of potatoes and cabbage— Ireland’s most ubiquitous and sturdy crops—colcannon comes from a word that translates literally to “white-headed cabbage.” The first known written reference to the recipe was in a Dublin traveler’s diary in 1735, and considering how delicious it is, we can understand why it’s still so popular a couple centuries later. (It has to be pretty stellar if it has a song devoted to it, right?) 

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