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Target Wedding Gowns, Gwyn’s New Gig, and More
We buy all our groceries, clothes, and toiletries at Target—so why not wedding gowns too? [Glamour]
Looks like Dove might have been wrong. New research suggests we’re actually less beautiful than we think. [Scientific American]
Find out all the best skincare tips these knowledgable British Birchbox subscribers had to offer. [Birchbox UK]
Gwyneth Paltrow is the face of Hugo Boss’s new fragrance and she raves that the modeling gig “is the perfect job when you have kids.” [WWD]
If this beach slideshow doesn’t inspire you to take your vacation days this summer, then nothing will. [Q]
And speaking of fun in the sun—and surf!—experiment this season with an on-trend one piece swimsuit. [Shoptiques]
In preparation for this weekend, our favorite beauty editors and bloggers named their Memorial Day must-haves.
(Photo: Target)

Target Wedding Gowns, Gwyn’s New Gig, and More


In preparation for this weekend, our favorite beauty editors and bloggers named their Memorial Day must-haves.

(Photo: Target)

How To Build The Perfect Spring Bouquet: Guest Blogger

We first became enamored with Annie Dean earlier this year after stumbling across her site Combining tips for entertaining and etiquette, this modern day Miss Manners proves that you can juggle a hectic lifestyle (did we mention she’s a lawyer?) and still be ultra chic. This week she’s sharing her five easy tricks to make spring a little more fabulous. 


Fresh blooms make any home brighter. Here’s a crash course to at-home botanical beauty.

To make a really spectacular bouquet, find a vintage crystal knick knack to use as a vase. I picked up the vintage crystal ice bucket pictured above at an antique shop in Greenport, Long Island for just a few dollars. Crystal glassware is dreadfully expensive when purchased new, but you can put together a whole vintage set for under $100, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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6 DIY Floral Crowns to Try Right Now

We can hardly believe it, but May is already here—and that can only mean one thing: May Day! This bright spring festival is celebrated throughout the Northern hemisphere, and festivities often include dancing around a maypole and crowning one lucky lady the May Queen.

While we all can’t be official festival queens, we can feel like one with our own flower crowns. Fake or real, these crowns are incredibly easy to make yourself, and can be made from any variety of colors or blossoms. Not sure where to start? Here are 6 DIY crown tutorials that you can either follow to a T or simply use as floral inspiration:

1. Kelli Murray
I love how big this crown is and that Kelli Murray used only pastel tones for a more subdued version. Sophia Coppola would approve. 

2. bleubird vintage
James at bleubird put this bright crown together for around $15 and had lots of leftover supplies. Crown making party, anyone?

3. Refinery29
DIY superstar Kiersten Stevens and Refinery29 teamed up to create this colorful headpiece that works for both brides-to-be and festival attendees. 

4. I Spy DIY
I’m a fan of this crown because it’s really simple and made with fresh flowers! It’s perfect to wear at a picnic or a weekend farmer’s market.

5. Honestly…WTF
This is by far my favorite of the bunch. I love how they group the flowers into mini bouquets to make the building process easier and quicker to rearrange. 

6. hellobee
Daisy chains aren’t just for kids! (Remember those from elementary school?) Take it back to the playground with this wire-free crown from hellobee. 


The princess roll hairstyle would look downright royal with the addition of a floral crown. Just be sure to place all your flowers toward the front!

3 Spring Detox Foods: Guest Blogger

Multi-talented health coach, cookbook writer, wellness speaker, and founder of Walker Well-Being, Tammy Walker is all about making long-term healthy choices. It can be incredibly difficult to make positive food choices all day long (our sweet tooth tends to go into overdrive come 3P.M.), so this week Tammy is lending a hand and sharing her favorite healthy lifestyle tips on our blog.


Along with open-toe shoes, daylight savings, and pastel nails, a light detox is one of my favorite signs of spring. I don’t mean the drastic, liquid-only measures that leave you hangry (hungry + angry) and dead tired. Those diets can often have a rebound effect (i.e. the inevitable post-detox “I deserve it!” bender) that negates the whole effort.

Instead, I recommend embracing more naturally detoxifying whole foods that support your liver, kidneys, and colon (the detox organs) in doing what they’re meant to do. This spring, hit the reset button, increase your energy and improve digestion by eating more of these in-season detox foods.

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Flower Power: Our 4 Blossom-Inspired Beauty Picks

Spring has sprung in New York and if you’re like me, you can’t help but stop and smell (or Instagram) the flowers. I love how they make the entire city come alive. Naturally, I’m taking a few cues from my favorite blossoms to add a little spring to my makeup routine with these four flower-inspired beauty picks.


Cherry blossoms are by far my favorite spring flower. As soon as I see them lining the city sidewalks, I feel like spring is truly here. And if you happen to be near Brooklyn this weekend, be sure to check out the annual Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The occasion calls for Jouer’s Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom (how fitting!) 

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6 Seasonal Cocktails That Are Perfect For a Warm Day

The weather is starting to really warm up, and I’m eager to lay out on my roof and enjoy a drink or two with friends. And while I love a nice glass of Pinot Noir or a simple whisky ginger, sometimes I want something a little fresher to get into the spirit of spring. So I’m scoping out my local produce stands, picking up a few of my favorite seasonal ingredients, and getting inspired with these six fruity cocktails.

Strawberry Mint Julep from The Forest Feast

A twist on the classic derby drink, this cocktail is made just a little sweeter with the addition of some fresh strawberry simple syrup. 

Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail from Martha Stewart

I love the pastel peach color of this cocktail. If you don’t know where to find edible blossoms, talk to the producers at your local farmer’s market to find pesticide-free flowers that are safe for consumption.  

Spring Sangria from Eat Drink Love

This is definitely a recipe to share with a few friends. Toss together some white wine, Sprite, pineapple juice, and several citrus slices, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect spring sangria.  

Blood Orange 75 from Scout.

Definitely plan ahead for this dark citrus cocktail. The blood orange takes 30 minutes to properly steep, so consider preparing the simple syrup early and storing it in the fridge until you’re ready to break out the gin.

Pimm’s Cup from me!

There are a lot of Pimm’s Cup recipes out there, but I’m partial to an easy and extrafruity mix that I think many of you will also love. This English staple takes me from the first sign of spring all the way through September. 

Rhubarb Mojito from Not Without Salt

I’ve been eagerly awaiting rhubarb season just to try this drink myself. Mint, rhubarb, fresh lime juice, and rum? Yes please.


Looking for something filling to go with your cocktail? Try one of these 6 delicious spring recipes

6 Recipes to Round Out Your Spring Menu

By the looks of all the floral prints (guys and gals) in the Birchbox offices, spring is definitely here. We’re pleased as punch, since that means our local farmer’s market is in full swing. Whether you’re an afternoon meanderer or one of the dedicated few stocking up at dawn, the markets are bursting with seasonal faves. Need inspiration? We’ve got ideas for how to use spring’s marquee ingredients—no ho-hum salads here.

Avocado Asparagus Tartine from 101 Cookbooks

We’ll start things off extra fresh with this tartine that came highly recommended from resident food lover, Mollie. Combining avocado, asparagus, and arugula, it’s the epitome of spring.

Asparagus Tart with Pine Nuts and Capers from The Forest Feast

This tart is a personal favorite of mine and is incredibly easy to whip up for a light meal after a long day. And don’t worry—if capers aren’t your thing (guilty!), you can skip them without diminishing this warm, flaky dish.

New Potatoes with Dill Butter from Bon Appétit

Mashed potatoes may rule the menu in the fall, but spring deserves something a little lighter—like these dill-laced new potatoes. Pair with smoked salmon for a fresh Scandinavian meal.

Spring Risotto of Asparagus, Peas, & Ramps from Food52

There is no such thing as too much asparagus when it comes to spring cooking! Avoid the urge to simply roast and instead opt for a market-inspired risotto that also brings in (the often underutilized) ramps and peas.

Rhubarb-Ginger Jam from Savuer

We can’t resist a good jam recipe and the spicy ginger makes a great addition to this otherwise sweet spread. Double the recipe to keep your pantry well-stocked through next season. 

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble from smitten kitchen 

Strawberry and rhubarb is a classic for a reason. The tartness of the rhubarb is balanced by the extra sweet and juicy strawberries, and this well-formed combination comes together perfectly in a buttery crumble. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!

– Bre

Want more seasonal cooking tips? Check out our 5 ways to make the most of this season’s freshest ingredients