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Jamie Chung Models Spring’s Hottest Lipsticks, YSL To Launch A Tie Dye Top Coat, And More


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Glossy, Bright Lipsticks Are Our Spring Must-Have


We’re kissing winter’s berry-hued, vampy lips goodbye and greeting spring with brighter hues. This year’s spring collections are filled with eye-catching pops of color, like bold oranges to pinks, and we’re using these chubby lip pencils from Aussie brand Mirenesse to score the look. Made with a slightly waxy texture, they glide on like a gloss but have the rich color and staying power of lipstick. (Bonus: you can use them to brighten up your cheeks, too!)

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YSL National Makeup Artist Swears Lavender Lips Whiten Teeth

Model wearing Rouge Volupte in Provocative Pink, $34,

It’s never a bad thing when you have to jot over to Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty department, which is where I found myself last Friday afternoon. Yves Saint Laurent was hosting a bright lipcolor event in honor of spring, and national makeup artist Dell Ashley was on hand to help women find the right hue for themselves. Naturally, I just had to pick his brain about the hottest shades of the season. He had thoughts on every part of the spectrum—from magenta to coral to my new favorite, lavender.

How can a woman find her right shade for spring?

You have to try it and test it the way you would wear it. If you are going to take a lipstick out of your purse and roll it on your lips, that’s how you should try it on. If you’re going to put it on with a lip liner and a lip gloss to manipulate the color, it is not going to look the same. 

But are different colors better for different skin tones?

Better is how you feel about it, it is how you feel when you wear it. There is no rule. There is no if you have dark skin, you need to wear this color, if you have fair skin, you can’t wear this color. I just don’t believe in rules or that you can put things in a box. 

What are some of your favorite lipcolors for spring?

Magenta, like YSL’s Provocative Pink. Or our classic Fuchsia Pink is also great. The story behind that color is: Yves Saint Laurent came out with this fuchsia pantsuit years ago, right when the makeup line first came out, and this lipstick is that exact color. Before then there were no real fuchsias, just reds and light pinks, so YSL came out with the very first fuchsia lipstick. It is the most beautiful fuchsia lipstick if you love fuchsia lipstick.

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