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YSL National Makeup Artist Swears Lavender Lips Whiten Teeth

Model wearing Rouge Volupte in Provocative Pink, $34,

It’s never a bad thing when you have to jot over to Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty department, which is where I found myself last Friday afternoon. Yves Saint Laurent was hosting a bright lipcolor event in honor of spring, and national makeup artist Dell Ashley was on hand to help women find the right hue for themselves. Naturally, I just had to pick his brain about the hottest shades of the season. He had thoughts on every part of the spectrum—from magenta to coral to my new favorite, lavender.

How can a woman find her right shade for spring?

You have to try it and test it the way you would wear it. If you are going to take a lipstick out of your purse and roll it on your lips, that’s how you should try it on. If you’re going to put it on with a lip liner and a lip gloss to manipulate the color, it is not going to look the same. 

But are different colors better for different skin tones?

Better is how you feel about it, it is how you feel when you wear it. There is no rule. There is no if you have dark skin, you need to wear this color, if you have fair skin, you can’t wear this color. I just don’t believe in rules or that you can put things in a box. 

What are some of your favorite lipcolors for spring?

Magenta, like YSL’s Provocative Pink. Or our classic Fuchsia Pink is also great. The story behind that color is: Yves Saint Laurent came out with this fuchsia pantsuit years ago, right when the makeup line first came out, and this lipstick is that exact color. Before then there were no real fuchsias, just reds and light pinks, so YSL came out with the very first fuchsia lipstick. It is the most beautiful fuchsia lipstick if you love fuchsia lipstick.

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Totally Obsessed with Ginger + Liz’s Spring Colors

Left to right: Welcome to My Jungle, Prima Donna, I’m So Over Him, and Brown Sugar Baby, all $12

It might still be in the 30s here in New York, but the sun has been out that last few days and everyone is thinking the same thing: When will spring be here? Words cannot explain how tired I am of winter coats, boots, and tights—I am just itching to dig up my breezy sundresses, denim shorts, and espadrilles. Not only will my closet be undergoing a rotation, but so will my polish choices. In the colder months, my manicure/pedicure colors mainly consist of somber hues like deep reds, dark grays, and on occasion, plain old black. Not so with spring! I love to brighten up my routine this time of year, integrating bold colors and experimenting with different finishes—especially metallics.

That is why I am over the moon about the new colors that Ginger + Liz is launching for spring. Somehow the dynamic duo (Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett) behind the vegan-friendly and toxin-free nail lacquers always seem to deliver the exact shades you are coveting—and their four latest polishes are no exception. Prima Dona, a  bubble-gum-pink super-shiny metallic, is incredibly eye-catching and oh-so fun; I’m So Over Him, a creamy purple, is statement-making and energetic; Brown Sugar Baby, an understated taupe, is an easy and effortless neutral; and my personal fave, Welcome to My Jungle, which is just about the only green color I’ve ever wanted to wear—I love the gold undertones!


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Dream Hair: Gisele in Isabel Marant’s Spring 2011 Campaign

Gisele stars in Isabel Marant’s spring 2011 ad campaign. Photo: Fashionologie

Sure, every woman has had a moment where she envies Gisele’s perfect supermodel body. But her latest ad campaign for Isabel Marant, one of my all-time favorite designers, has me wishing not that I had her flawless figure, but her hair. I cut my super-long locks back in August after a panic-inducing subway ride with no AC because I couldn’t take the heat—literally. Lately though, I’ve been having regrets about my chop and the Brazilian beauty’s beachy, tousled tresses in this ad make me so jealous. I can’t wait until my hair grows out again so I can try and replicate this wavy look, perhaps with a little help from, of all things, a flat iron.


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