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Workout Essentials (And Headlines) Worth Stealing From Birchbox Man


In the Birchbox offices, our editorial team shares a single, very cozy pod. This means that the men’s editors get to partake in discussions about Beyonce’s latest video and braided topknots, while the ladies get to weigh in on how to style too-long belts and the proper way to flash bare ankle. It’s really a win-win, especially when we get to share products. 

It should also be said that the guys consistently school us in headlines.  

It was one such headline (“A Sportbalm That Functions Like a Forcefield”) that alerted us lady eds to the fact that the men were holding out on us. They had received samples of Molton Brown’s brand-new SPORT Collection and neglected to share them with us. While the formulas are technically designed for guys, they immediately appealed to all the fitness-obsessed female editors. Candice grabbed the Body-Warming Sportbalm, explaining that her weekend rock climbing excursions leave her with perpetually achy shoulders, while Meredith claimed that she needed to test the Sport Deodorant on her marathon morning jogs.

I latched on to the 4-in-1 Sportswash because I love any and every product that helps me get out of the gym locker room more quickly. While I won’t skip my usual conditioner or facewash (unless I’m really in a rush), I like that it doubles as a shave gel and has a decidedly citrusy scent. And seeing as how I’ve loved the brand’s Black Pepper Re-Charge Bodywash for going on six years now, I have a feeling this guy is going to be in my gym bag for awhile. Sorry, boys.


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