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Natural Healing: Tiossan’s Top 3 Organic Ingredients


Last week Magatte Wade, the founder of back-to-basics skincare line Tiossan, paid a special visit to Birchbox HQ. Not only did we get the chance to sniff, dab, and blend Tiossan’s all-natural products firsthand, but we also got a mini skincare lesson direct from Senegal-born Wade—whose radiant complexion, we might add, speaks volumes about her skincare habits.

Having grown up among traditional Senegalese healers, Wade has always been fascinated by ancient knowledge of natural beauty aids. And her globetrotting ways—she’s lived everywhere from France to Silicon Valley—have given her a well-rounded perspective on what works (and what doesn’t). “It has been my little game to take the best of each culture and put them together in a combination that is mine,” she says. (Just one sniff of her sugar-infused Body Scrub, and we were itching to jump in the nearest shower for a test drive.)

And Tiossan’s mission extends way beyond skincare: 10% of profits are earmarked for founding innovative schools in Senegal. Wade aspires to use Montessori-style teaching methods to help unlock students’ creativity—and foster more of the entrepreneurial spirit she’s put to such beautiful use.


In addition to French-inspired fragrances, Tiossan’s products are based around three traditional Senegalese ingredients. Here, a quick primer on their skin-saving powers:

Organic aloe vera: This trusted succulent makes skin supple in two different ways: It has water to moisturize, and oil to hydrate—meaning it locks in the moisture that’s been added.

Organic unrefined shea butter: According to Wade, the unrefined version is ideal because it retains the built-in vitamins and fatty acids your skin needs. With extra fatty acid action, your skin’s elasticity and moisture levels get a boost.

Organic black seed oil: This powerhouse oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that’s renowned for its myriad healing properties. “The elders believe that it could cure anything—except for death,” says Wade. While death may be too much to ask, this antioxidant-rich balm packs a wrinkle-defying punch when applied to skin.


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