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My Favorite Nail Products: Guest Blogger

If you’re into nail art, then you’re probably familiar with Chelsea King’s designs. As the artist behind Chelsea’s Get Nailed, this nail-addict-turned-blogger somehow finds time between classes at UC Irvine to produce nail art tutorials, sell her own press-on nails, and post her intricate and inspiring manicures. This week, Chelsea is offering up her best nail tips and a few exclusive (and pretty awesome) nail art how-tos for beginners and experts alike.


One of the most important ways to make your manicure look beautiful is taking care of your hands, cuticles, and nails. Using great products can improve how your nails look and can get your polish to last longer. Over time, I have used many different products, and here are some of my favorites!

1. CND SolarOil: I love this cuticle oil because it doesn’t make my cuticles greasy—and it smells great.

2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream: Just recently I started using this product and it’s amazing. I really have noticed a difference in my skin. It goes on very thick (almost like Vaseline), but instantly replenishes moisture.

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My Go-To Nail Products: Guest Blogger

We’re devoted fans of all things polish in the Birchbox offices, so of course Gina Galullo’s nail polish blog, Prim and Polished, caught our eye. A lawyer-by-day and a lacquer connoisseur-by-night, Galullo posts thoughtful reviews of new shades along with colorful swatches, so even novice polish-wearers have an insider’s guide to the prettiest hues. This week, she shares the products she can’t live without, plus the work-appropriate shades you can even rock in your cubicle.

Products from left to right: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, CND Stickey Anchoring Base Coat, CND Solar Oil and Dr. Dobb’s Cuticle & Nail Salve.

As a nail polish blogger, I mostly show my readers new colors and products. I seem to forget to go back to basics sometimes, so I’d like to share some tried and true ones that I always keep in my rotation for the perfect manicure.

Topcoat: My go to is Seche Vite—nothing else performs as well, and it changed my life when I discovered it a few years ago. It used to go to bed after painting my nails, only to wake up to sheet indents because they never dried. Seche Vite dries nails in minutes, so I can give myself a manicure anytime and know it won’t get destroyed.

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Behind the Scenes: March Video Shoot and Miss Ladyfinger

Yesterday, the Birchbox team was busy prepping our videos for March. As always, we’re so excited to bring you tips and tricks on all things beauty, but we just couldn’t wait till the videos are all finished to share some fun information. One of our favorite nail art bloggers, Miss Ladyfinger, stopped by the shoot to help educate us on all things polish related. We snuck a peek into her makeup bag and found this product inside, which is one of her all-time favorites. Find out why below!

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Top 5 Drugstore Essentials: Guest Blogger

Courtne Smith, a.k.a Queen Shmink, is a world traveler with extraordinary fashion and beauty sense. The Toronto-based blogger is one of our favorite ladies to follow on the Interwebz because she makes her impeccable style (fancy fur is her specialty) feel so accessible and easy to recreate. Plus, she always has a killer manicure. This week, she teaches us her secrets that keep her perfectly primped when she’s both at home or on the road with her bff, Drake.

For some reason, I find trips to the drugstore to be extremely…therapeutic. I always pick up the same essentials during my regular visit to the drugstore. Here’s what I mean:

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