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4 Simple Steps to Minimize Stress—and Maximize Action!

We all face those big careers choices or difficult professional situations that call for some outside advice. For us, Robin DeMarco of Coached by Robin is definitely on our speed-dial. A sales and marketing whiz turned life coach, Robin is a pro at coming up with constructive ways to get the most out of life. 


When we’re stressed, it shows. We’ve all caught ourselves looking in the mirror after an overwhelming work week, wondering how to get rid of our tired, puffy eyes, tension lines in our forehead, and sagging skin. In fact, scientists have found that stress is one of the clear overriding factors in contributing to premature aging. So, besides the latest beauty trends, how can we combat stress from the inside out?

In addition to sleep and exercise, learning how to effectively manage your time and prioritize tasks can greatly reduce anxiety. 

Below are four simple steps to regain control of your life and overcome stress in the process:

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