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From Straw to Shiny Strands: How I Revive My Hair in One Night

Editor Lorelei reveals her secret to shiny hair—and it’s a simpler trick than you’d think.

A few weeks ago Candice wrote about the steps she was taking to restore her hair after coloring it for the first time ever. (You can see her cute highlights in action here!). As someone who’s been coloring my hair every shade under the sun (blonde, blonder, strawberry blonde, black, etc.), for about 15 years, I can relate.   

For a long time I accepted that coloring my hair meant it wasn’t going to be very nice. It’s always gorgeous for a few washes post-salon until the toner—and the shine—fades. After years of this I finally realized that I should do something about it. Enter Birchbox and a slew of hair-saving tricks. Now, in addition to my hydrating shampoo and conditioner, I also use a moisture-infusing hair mask once a week—and it’s made a huge difference in the quality of my formerly straw-like hair.

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