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Test-Driving Pureology’s Reviving Red Line


My first experience with a color depositing shampoo and conditioner was on a trip to Sydney a few years ago. One of my hosts had the kind of natural auburn hair that so many women—including myself—pay hundreds of dollars to achieve. She used color-enhancing products in the shower to keep the saltwater from lightening her pretty strands. I decided at that point to start using them to keep my own stylist-achieved burgundy hue from fading.

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A Spring Hair Makeover: Hello Ginger!


Spring is supposedly in full bloom, which means it’s the perfect time to embrace tiny tweaks that result in jaw-droppingly awesome results. For some Birchbox staffers those changes might include a wardrobe refresh or a breakfast overhaul, but I always welcome a new season with a new hair color.

Inspired by Mad Men's Joan, I took the plunge and dyed my cool-toned brunette locks a warm red hue. To score the ginger-y shade, I trekked to Brooklyn’s High Horse Salon and handed my lame tresses over to hair stylist Allison. 

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Which Emma Stone Red Hair Color Do You Like Best?

Left: Emma at WonderCon last week; Middle: At the Young Hollywood Awards in 2008; Right: At MTV’s VMAs in 2010.

Emma Stone, one of our favorite red-haired Hollywood starlets, has just lightened her locks from deep auburn to strawberry blonde. It can be tough to pull off such a bold, statement-making look (insider tip: if you’re considering red, it helps to have perfect skin), but The Amazing Spider-Man actress always makes every shade of crimson look effortless and gorgeous.

Emma’s been flipping through several hues of copper this year, and we can’t decide which color we’re most partial to—so we’re showing you three of our favorites! Which do you like best? Click through to vote in our poll and tell us how you feel about Emma’s red locks!

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I Love Redheads: Happy 100th Birthday, Lucille Ball

Before Tina, Chelsea, or even Joan — there was Lucy. The original funny lady would be turning 100 tomorrow, August 6th, and her signature look is still unique. Ball’s curly, flame-colored updo, immaculate brows, extra-long lashes, and red lips are as recognizable today as they were 60 years ago. If for some reason you’ve never watched I Love Lucy, I suggest you head over to Hallmark Channel, where they’re airing a 48-hour marathon starting tomorrow at 6 am.


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The Red Carpet Just Got a Little More…RED!

Photos: Beauty High

There must be something in the water in Hollywood: yet another starlet has decided to make the switch from blonde to red. Scarlett Johansson attended the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend sporting a lovely shade of crimson. This makes her the third, by our count, to jump onto the redhead bandwagon (right behind Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore). Since nobody likes a copycat, all three ladies have taken the auburn trend in different directions and made this color their own.

Ruby Red: Very appropriate given that her first name is Scarlett, the actress chose a striking and dramatic shade, with a hint of plum. This is a hard hue to pull off, and we’re thoroughly impressed with her act of hair rebellion.

Strawberry: Blake Lively’s light and airy interpretation channels The Little Mermaid but perfectly suits her fair skin and soft features.

Burgundy: Certainly a trendsetter when it comes to hair (Barrymore was one of the first to adopt the ombre look, too), Drew went with an auburn hue, accentuating her light green eyes and naturally rosy cheeks.

Whose hair do you like best? Tell us in our poll below!


Blake Lively’s New Red Hair: Love It Or Hate It

Photo: Fashionista

Blake Lively arguably has the most covetable hair in all of Hollywood—and for good reason. Her luxurious mane is totally captivating and enviable. While it’s never good to mess with perfection, I have been wondering when Blake might get around to switching it up, since actresses seem to do at least once a season. Up until this point, change has not been Lively’s M.O. — she’s had the same long blonde locks for as long as she’s been in the spotlight. That was up until last night. The Gossip Girl actress debuted a new — and dare I say, bold — look at the Time 100 Gala: red. While I prefer her sun-kissed hair, I feel like this is the right hue for her, not too dark, not too strawberry. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts by voting in the poll below!