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Best Celebrity Ponytails of 2011 — Vote for Your Favorite!

One of my favorite things to see on the red carpet is a really chic ponytail. Because unlike complicated chignons or intimidating side-swept updos, ponytails are beautiful in their simplicity. From tightly pulled back to messy-sexy, ponytails are easy to replicate. This past year, celebs sported plenty sassy ponies and I’ve rounded up the best. Which one is your favorte? Vote in the poll below!

Photo: Stylist

When I saw this photo of Olivia Wilde back in August at the Berlin premiere of her movie, Cowboys and Aliens, I was mesmerized. As far as I know, this is the first time a celeb has sectioned off a pony like this with elastics (for a red carpet event anyway). Given how great the look is, I don’t think it will be the last. I especially liked the sci-fi feel of the style, which was very fitting given the film’s premise.

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Kissable Couture: Guest Blogger

Dedicated to “what’s in your closet and on your vanity,” Samantha Fodrowski’s blog, Closet Vanity, couldn’t be more perfectly suited to our interests. This week, the busy blogger is lending us her talents and musing on some of our favorite topics like the fashion-forward red lip and au naturel makeup.

1. Kate Spade supercalifragilipstick
2. Dolce and Gabbana lipstick
3. Charlotte Ronson lip gloss
4. Exude lipstick
5. Tom Ford lip color

Forget red-soled heels — these days it’s all about the red lip! Have you noticed that more couture brands have been springing up at the beauty counter lately? Two of the big names to debut makeup lines recently are Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana.

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Rachel Zoe Can’t Be Without Red Lipstick, Even To Deliver Her Baby

Before addressing what goes on in the video below from the most recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, let me state for the record that I am a huge Zoe fan. She’s a genius stylist, I love her enthusiasm for all things fashion, and she has an incredible work ethic. That said, there is a reason she makes for an excellent reality TV subject: she says completely, totally, outrageously ridiculous things.

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Rachel Zoe’s Latest Project: Lipstick

For her first foray into cosmetics, stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe has teamed up with innovative lipstick line Exude to be their brand ambassador. What’s especially cool about the product is the packaging, which you twist to release a small amount of color through a crystal applicator. While the busy mom can take credit for the look and feel of the product, the brand’s technology comes from cosmetic industry veterans Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mill. 

While we’re excited about the tech, what we really want to know is which of the nine shades we should pick up. That’s where Zoe’s lipstick fashion secrets come in handy. She recommends that always contrasting your lipstick with your outfit. Bold outfit: Pale lipstick. Simple outfit: Bright lipstick. Seems easy enough. But what’s the most important thing to remember? “Don’t do a red lip with a red dress; it clashes,” says Zoe. “Plus, you don’t ever want to be predictable.” Yes, heaven forbid.


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Reading List: Just Another Balmy Summer Weekend

Photo of Rachel Zoe from

Phew, it’s been another long week! Get excited though because August is just a few short days away, and it’s still summertime. In between the beach trips and rooftop parties this weekend, take a minute to read up on the latest news:

  • First, stop everything: Benefit, the ultimate cool girl beauty company, is opening their first NYC location this September. The flagship joins 30 other freestanding Benefit boutiques, 14 of which are in the US. WWD has more details about what the boutique will look like and the services offered, including brow shaping and makeup application lessons. Start the countdown now!
  • Cindy Sherman, the boundary-pushing photographer, is at it again. This time she’s teamed up with MAC on a series of photographs that are (unsurprisingly) not exactly your run-of-the-mill beauty photos. Click through to Stylelite to see the images.
  • Fashion labels can be hard to pronounce. They’re often foreign names, or made up words so it’s best to tread lightly when talking about them in sophisticated company. Refinery29 has you covered though, with these hilarious spoof videos of pronunciation guides. Even if you still don’t know how to really pronounce them you’ll get a laugh.
  • If you’re heading out to parties tonight or tomorrow and your skin’s feeling a little dull, try this pick-me-up from The Beauty Maverick that uses homemade tea-infused ice cubes.
  • Rachel Zoe may be having a moment. “Isn’t she always?” you may be thinking. Yes, the stylist is on our radar now more than ever. First ABCNews profiled her 7-month old son Skyler’s wardrobe, which rivals even the chicest closets on The Coveteur. Now BellaSugar has reported that Rachel Zoe is probably launching a makeup collection at some point. We hope it’s soon!


We can’t wait for the new Benefit boutique to open- we’re snapping up our favorites now. You can too in the Birchbox Shop.