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You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Makeup…

…but if you were to happen to maybe have too much punch on New Year’s Eve and maybe forget to properly remove your makeup before falling into bed, these products would be so long-wearing that they wouldn’t smudge even as you snored:

Too Faced Primed and Poreless: Helped my makeup go on, helped it stay on. Woke up bleary-eyed and puffy, but with still smooth-looking foundation. How ever did that happen?

Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation: I’m not a foundation girl but, you know, it was New Year’s Eve. Makeup artists say this is a good product for tinted moisturizer fans because it’s practically weightless. I love how it blends in and doesn’t leave any streaky marks.

Guerlain Liquid Liner: Truly a miracle that this lasted from 7pm to 9am, without even a smudge.

Jouer Moisturizing Gloss in Glisten: Nah, this didn’t stay on my lips. BUT I did find sparkles on my cheeks in the morning. That counts, right?

Gift-a-Day 20: Minor Maintenance Miss

For Minor Maintenance Miss: Too Faced Primed and Poreless

It might seem a little off-kilter to give someone a primer as a gift, but believe me your friend/sister-in-law/mother/co-worker will love you for this one. If she’s never used primer you’re about to rock her world; if she’s already an addict, well you’ll have created a (well-groomed) monster. This little guy is the quickest way to turn normal skin into smooth, velvety, wow-are-you-carrying-your-own-flattering-lighting skin. The silicone-based formula rubs in completely and leaves your face matte and poreless (hence the name) - follow with makeup or go bare-faced.

AquaFresh Look, Modern Tech: Stila’s One-Step Correct

Does this

remind you of this


Maybe it’s just me. But I digress. Stila is known for fun, innovative products — witness the mindblowing Custom Color Blush. (Do they just have a cadre of mad beauty scientists running quirky experiments around the clock?) Their latest, One-Step Correct, is a multitasking primer that uses classic color theory to address three skin woes: green neutralizes redness, lavender perks up dullness, and peach adds overall brightness. It slides on easily and dries matte, which is great in this sticky weather. Even under tinted moisturizer and translucent powder, my skin feels clean and my makeup lasts longer. Magic!