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Skincare 101: How to Layer All Those Products On Your Vanity


Figuring out how to order your skincare lineup can feel like trying to solve a rubik’s cube—not impossible but clearly a challenge. You’ve got a bathroom shelf filled with products, but which comes first? 

The good news is you don’t to have to be a dermatologist to learn how to get the most out of your beauty routine. Just use this nifty diagram and the tips below to layer your products like a pro.

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The Benefit Primer That Outlasts Birchbox Co-Founder Katia’s 15-Hour Day

I have always been a bit skeptical of primers—they tend to have zero effect on my oily skin and my foundation never seems to last through lunch even when I use them. That said, I am really excited about Benefit’s new primer that promises 15 hours of flawless makeup. The stay flawless 15-hour primer is super easy to apply for lazy girls like me and the packaging is simply adorable!

After testing out the product myself, I’ve become a primer convert. The strong-hold formula, which you apply straight from the chubby stick, truly makes my makeup last, even in the humid city weather. I’m now less of an oil slick by the end of the day! Check out the video below to see how it holds up with Birchbox co-founder Katia’s busy 15-hour schedule. (Spoiler alert: it does).

We want to see how you stay flawless during the craziness your day-to-day—whether it’s the double shot of espresso that gets you through back-to-back meetings or a swipe of your favorite confidence-boosting lipstick. Share a picture of your secret weapon on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and include the hashtags #StayFlawless and #Birchbox. Once you do, you’ll be entered to win a collection of Benefit beauty products (including their stay flawless 15-hour primer) that’s worth $250! Check out more of the details here.


Want to learn about the multitasking powers of another much-loved Benefit product? Watch our Fine One One video here.

The French Secret to Flawless Foundation

How does one score Clémence Poésy’s perfected skin? Using this simple French trick. (Photo:

You’ve picked out the perfect evening outfit, coiffed the hair, and masterfully painted on your cat eye. But no matter what you try, your foundation is streaky, your pores seem overly large and you can’t get rid of the splotchy redness all over your face. Your first inclination might be to pile on even more foundation, but cease and desist! We found a multi-tasking savior that wipes out those makeup blunders without adding extra steps to your routine.

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How to Avoid a Wedding Makeup Meltdown: Guest Blogger

We love surfing Heather Walczuk’s blog, Beauty Unbiased, for her smart and on-point makeup reviews, pretty photos and her upbeat insight. The resident New Yorker always has great tips for making the most out of your products, which is why we’re excited that this week she’s sharing tips about her fave summer finds, makeup-artists must-haves, and how to get a gorgeous top knot.

Photo Credit: Photography by Tim at Ronca Productions, Marisa Nicole Weddings and Events

Ever wonder how stars manage to keep their makeup flawless on the red carpet? No one knows how to keep a look fresh in the hot weather better than celebrity makeup artists. Tina Turnbow, whose clientele includes stars like Claire Danes and Brooke Shields to name a few, chatted with me about the affordable beauty tricks she uses. It’ll help ensure you have a flawless face throughout your wedding day or your friends’ wedding day. (Hey, us serial bridesmaids have to be photographed, too!)

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Hair Primer to Make Styles Last Twice as Long

Living Proof’s new prime style extender claims it can make hair styles go the extra mile. Photo:

We’re big fans of primer for your face—smoothing it onto skin creates an even canvas for makeup and also helps ensure your products will last several times longer than they would normally. Overall, it’s a bit of a beauty savior. Which is why we were so excited to hear that there’s now hair primer—a formula that will extend the life of your coif.

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5 Essentials That Are Always In My Purse: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, the lovely Alissa Kelly, offers up fun fashion and beauty advice on her blog, Feeling Good. (Our favorite feature? Kelly’s fun nail posts!) We love her optimistic attitude and useful tips. Today, she’s showing us the must-have items that she can’t leave home without.

There are just some things women cannot live without. I’m a purse fanatic so I’m always switching my bag to match the day’s outfit. Every time I do, there are 5 items that always make the switch with me.

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Guest Blogger: Foolproof Face

We love writers with fun personalities, which is why we’re ecstatic to welcome Carlye Wisel into the guest blogging fold this week. The savvy blogger has a multitude of interests, but can regularly be found talking about music and more on Vevo, Big Ugly Yellow Couch, and her personal Tumblr, Awkward City Population 1. This week, she’s sharing beauty wit and wisdom. Today: family skincare secrets and the trick to long-lasting makeup. 

Clockwise, from Left: smashbox Photo Finish Primer, $36,; Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, $11.99 for 8,; Kiehls Scented Lip Balm #1, $9,; philosophy Hope in a Jar, $60,; Rezamid, $19.99,

As a freelance writer, my beauty regime is often minimized to whatever I can slather on my face before running out the door. (Glamorous, right?) Having a clear complexion makes it easier to put on my face in the mere seconds I have before being late, and I’ve come to rely on a small set of products to make it possible. Before hitting the sack each night, I apply philosophy’s Hope In A Jar. I’m still new to the brand, but this thick, silky cream, which was suggested to me by the lady behind Cult of Pretty, does moisturizing wonders. My skin is pretty sensitive, so if I wash my face before (heavy on the “if,” since I typically just use water), I’ll only use Dove’s Beauty Bar, which is old school, but great for my skin.

I can’t believe I’m divulging this Wisel family secret, but Rezamid is a pimple cure-all that does miracles and the tube lasts for years. This ointment has saved me from being zit-tastic a thousand times over since I was a teen, and its customizable tint makes it more of a concealer than a treatment. Though I’m the zillionth person to swear by this, smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer is the only primer that hasn’t left me looking like a sweaty disaster 45 minutes into a hot afternoon. And, since I hate when makeup wears off, I never wear goopy lip glosses, but prefer to use Kiehls’ Scented Lip Balm to prevent lips from chapping.

Our favorite way to get flawless skin? smashbox’s Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

Operation India Wedding: Countdown!

Our dear HBS intern, Freya, is leaving us soon (sniff!). Next week she is headed to India for her brother’s wedding, which is going to be a three-day, multi-event affair. Think Monsoon Wedding. We’ve even heard that there are going to be horses. Now Freya is already gorgeous but we want her to look as amazing as possible at the wedding.

Read our pre-wedding checklist here. Since she only has a week, we have a slightly accelerated schedule for her:

A shot from an old Ritu Kumar collection. Photo: StyliChic

One week before wedding: Get a clarifying facial, ideally one that incorporates lots of vitamin C to make skin brighter. Avoid extractions, which can trigger breakouts.

Three days before: Exfoliate with a gentle product like Suki Exfoliate, which is effective without being harsh. Follow with a brightening serum like Sircuit Weapon (continue to apply every night).

On the plane: Drink more water than you think is necessary. Hydrate skin with a facial mist like Sircuit Molecular Mist.

Night before: Exfoliate skin again and remember your brightening serum.

Day of: Use a great primer to keep makeup in place, and touch up throughout the day and night with blotting papers. Don’t forget waterproof mascara! 

Skin Rx: DDF’s Four-in-One Wonder

The first thing you learn at aesthetics school is that fancy packaging, while lovely to look at, doesn’t do anything for your skin. It’s the ingredients that matter. Since my training years ago, I’ve become a complete snob about skincare. I’m usually skeptical of dermatologist brands because they can sometimes be more expensive without delivering more than the average product. But I am proven wrong again and again — most recently by DDF.

I’ve been using their Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer, and I swear it was created just for me. For one thing, my biggest skin concern is oily skin and pore size (I swear everyone else can see them!). Secondly, I am huge into serums, as they are a straight shot of vitamins for the skin. I’ve been using the pore minimizer as my stand-alone moisturizer and I’m completely hooked. Not only does this product act like a primer, as it fills in pores and fine lines, but it definitely minimized the appearance of my pores. I’d even call it a four-in-one because in addition to being a primer and a pore-shrinker, it also prevents aging and moisturizes with Panthenol (Vitamin B). That’s a rock star product!


Read all about DDF and the science behind their products here.

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