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Bought it From Birchbox: Stainiac

For an understated look that says “I put in at least minimum effort today”, Stainiac is my new go-to. Subtle yet somehow still bold, it’s a two-in-one lip and cheek stain that’s both fun and easy to apply. Get ready for that post-carton of raspberries look for your lips just in time for spring.

Perfect for those days when you don’t want a full on lip look but still don’t want your lips to look totally bare. Small, compact and a two-in-one product? Stainiac is the ultimate candidate for that extra pocket in your purse.

Birchbox features Stainiac in three colors: Beauty Queen, Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen. A magenta pink, rose pink and dewy peach respectively. One for every outfit, mood and season. The New York weather seems to have finally gotten the spring memo! Here’s to hoping a subtle pop of pink on the lips only encourages it. 

Miriam, The Everyday Girl, NYC

{Photo courtesy of Glamour}

Perfect Your Brows With Makeup Artist Stefanie Syat’s Tips

Makeup artist Stefanie Syat gives Mollie some much-needed brow advice.

We’re on set with Birchbox Man today, lending a helping hand and moral support. Pre-Dame founder and all-around awesome makeup artist Stefanie Syat is here too, and we’re selfishly picking her brain. In addition to her commercial and editorial work, she also hosts tons of makeup tutorial parties. At her most recent one, Syat taught seven girls how to master their brows. “Most of the girls were either not filling them in or using a pencil the same color as their hair.” Syat says that’s a common mistake. You should be using a lighter pencil/brow color and aiming to shade in the skin underneath the hairs to give the brow a fuller, more fresh look. “You don’t want a harsh, defined brow,” Syat says.

Syat has a foolproof technique for applying color. Start at the inner corner of your eye and apply in an upward diagonal motion until you hit your arch; then, change directions and continue applying but in a downward motion. The reason, Syat says, is that you want to use the color to create lift in the middle and then lengthen the brow toward the edge. After you’ve applied the color, you can smooth any wonky hairs with a clear brow gel. Click through for Syat’s top three brow pencils!

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