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4 Tips for Flawless Fall Skin

We’re not going to lie: pumpkin pie and warm apple cider are the main reasons we look forward to fall. But when temps plunge and feasts begin, it’s easy to forget that our skincare routine needs an update. Don’t fall behind the seasons! Just follow these easy breezy steps:   

1. Swap your lightweight cream for a heavy-duty moisturizer. Fall’s brisk winds can seriously dry out your skin. Look for a product that can pull its weight and deliver a daily dose of hydration, like Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream, Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firm and Lift Cream, and Pomega5 Healing Cream.     

2. Gentle is the way to go when it comes to exfoliation. Instead of stripping your skin’s natural protective barrier with harsh scrubs, try a fruit-acid based peel. We’re huge fans of Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel.  

3. Schedule a facial. Seasonal shifts leave your skin more vulnerable to freak outs, so head to your favorite spa pronto. Don’t want to splurge? Get your friends together instead for a home spa party. Start off by applying a mask like June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque, then sit back and catch up on the latest gossip.   

4. Don’t ditch the SPF. The sun shines year round, which means you always need to apply sunscreen before heading outside. We rely on Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+. Layer it under your makeup every morning.

With a few changes in your routine, you’ll be all set to brave the chilly weather.  


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Skin Rx: Combo Conundrum

A friend just emailed with this question: “I have an oily T-zone but my cheeks tend to get really dehydrated and flaky. Should I be trying to avoid putting moisturizer on my T-zone and just hydrating my cheeks? Or layering it all over? Or two different products? Help!”

Not to worry. This sounds like a case of typical combination skin. It can be difficult to treat with one product, but two usually does the trick! I’d recommend Pomega5 Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer for the T-zone and any oily areas, and Pomega5 Healing Cream on the remainder of the face.


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Packing List: Our Fearless Leaders Head To SXSW!

Our co-founders Katia and Hayley are jaunting off to South by Southwest in Austin tomorrow. While the music festival is a blast, the duo is actually headed to Interactive, a series of events and presentations that focus on emerging technology. (Translation: FourSquare! Tumblr! FoodSpotting!) We’re always about what people take on trips, so we asked them to let us peek at the essentials they’re packing. Hopefully their jaunt won’t be all work and no play—you can’t go to SXSW and not have any fun!

What Katia’s bringing:

My Face Works i need to detox, i need to replenish, and i need damage control sheet masks: These are a must to help me refresh after flights and get ready for go go go time.

Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmin Hair Serum: Perfect for adding some polish to my air-dried ‘do.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint: A fast way to get flawless skin in just one simple step.

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose: I love all things butter, so just add a tint and I’m really happy! This is my new never-leave-home-without-it product.

Pomega5 Daily Revitalizing Concentrate:  Thirsty skin + travel-friendly ampules = A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

What Hayley’s Bringing:

Apothia If Roll-on Perfume Oil: The rollerball makes it so easy to travel with!

Deborah Lippman Stripper To Go:  I’ll definitely be packing these handy to-go packets of nail polish remover in case my army green mani doesn’t make it through the weekend.

Lipstick Queen Pop Art Lip Gloss #13: I discovered this brand back in May 2010 during our Birchbox beta test and it’s still one of my faves. It’s half-gloss half-lipstick, which allows for quick application.

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Bangalore: My new low maintenance short-on-time alternative to eye shadow.

Birchbox temporary tattoos!: Planning on branding some techie guys at the bars. To snag your own Birchbox tat, use the code TATS on any full-size order within our Shop.

Cosmetic case: My mom gave me this one — it’s from Thailand.


If you are at SXSW, make sure to tweet @katiabeauchamp @hayleybay

Pomega5 Diet: Day 4

Photo: Healthy Green Kitchen

As much as I love learning about high-tech skincare solutions and lab-engineered makeup, I’m ultimately most drawn to simple formulations with ingredients that I recognize. This week’s Pomega5 Diet has been easy because I love eating the same ingredients that are beneficial for my skin — very convenient! Today’s star: Olive Oil.

Basics: We all know what a sucker I am for face oils, but even I wouldn’t go so far as to smear regular olive oil on my face (though I know plenty of gorgeous women who swear by it). That said, I’ll use any product that stars this vitamin E bomb — it pumps moisture into dehydrated cells and makes skin feels crazy silky. Omega 9 essential fatty acids do the usual super antioxidant work: plump up skin so lines are less noticeable, boost clarity, and shoos away free radicals.

Skin Diet: With the weather being all wacky, my skin is in a weird place where it’s dry and flaky on my cheeks, and starting to get slightly oily in the t-zone. Instead of my usually foaming cleanser, which can be a little drying, I’ve been using Pomega5’s Lemongrass Clarifying Cleansing Bar. The bar cleanser took a little getting used to, but I love that it is both hydrating (thanks to the olive oil) and toning (that would be the lemongrass and pomegranate seed oil). You can even rub the slightly rough bar in circles all over your skin for a little light exfoliation.

 On the Menu: A happily olive oily tuna nicoise, as soon as I can pry myself away from my desk. In the meantime, I give you this recipe, which I guarantee will become one of your new favorites. It’s Healthy Green Kitchen’s Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake that is made with a combination of gluten-free flour (I use sorghum flour) and almond flour. It has a rustic texture, underlying grassy green notes from the olive oil, and a pronounced meyer lemon flavor. It’s flat-out amazing. Trust me. 

Follow the whole super food diet here.

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Pomega5 Diet: Day 3

What a morning. I had big plans to kickstart my day with a lovely little grapefruit salad (another super ingredient) in honor of my ongoing Pomega5 Diet. Instead, I ate a healthy-ish bran muffin while hopping between meetings. I’m getting back on track with my bountiful Whole Foods salad, which includes tons of today’s super ingredient: Carrots.

Basics: Carrots are known for boosting vision, but they’re actually all-around wonders. They’re super high in vitamins A and E, which we know are powerful healers (why do you think you use vitamin E oil when you have a scar?). In addition to helping cells repair themselves, carrots bump collagen production, which is what keeps skin looking firm and supple, and protect from free radicals. They also help correct damage caused by UV rays - a nifty safety net if you’re not incredibly thorough about sun protection.

Skin Diet: I’m a big (read: huge) proponent of switching up your products frequently to give your skin exactly what it needs. Case in point: I woke up this morning with red, blotchy skin and an unsightly blemish on my chin. Boo. I’m blaming stress and not enough sleep. I’m also counteracting with Pomega5’s Healing Cream, which is rich without being oppressive and has an immediate calming effect (redness = gone). Carrot Seed Oil is one of the main ingredients, which is why it’s so great at soothing irritation and adding moisturize — hopefully it’ll quell the zit too.

On the Menu: After last night’s feast at Kin Shop, Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle’s new hot spot, I was in serious need of some veggies. I went a little salad nuts at Whole Foods, loading up on carrots, yes, but also kale, beets, and sprouts. I’m totally planning on following it with a big cookie… moderation, yes?


Follow the whole super food diet here.

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Pomega5 Diet: Day 2

Hello, world! This week I’m putting myself and my skin on the Pomega5 Diet. Yesterday’s pomegranate salad was easy and delicious, and was a nice change from all the carb-heavy winter foods I’ve been eating lately. Today’s super ingredient: Green Tea.

Basics: Green tea isn’t just what you drink when you’re trying to slim down (though it is a proven de-puffer) — the ingredient is high in catechins, a type of polyphenol that protects against free radicals and helps repair skin cells. In skincare, green tea extract is ideal for sensitive, irritated, or acne-prone skin because it reduces inflammation and helps rejuvenate cells. It also helps reduce signs of aging.

Skin Diet: Since it’s still chilly out, I’ve been using a combination of face oils and moisturizers to keep the flakes at bay. I love that Pomega5’s Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer is light enough to layer it on top of a face oil or serum without feeling heavy. It gives my skin a smooth finish (bye-bye pores!) which will be extra important once it gets warmer and my t-zone goes back to shiny central. Plus the citrusy smell just makes me feel healthier.

On the Menu: I thought about starting my day off with a few green tea macarons, but decided that would defeat the purpose. Instead, I made myself a cup of green tea while I got ready this morning (ie: watched the Today Show and answered emails). The caffeine boost perked me up, and I felt so good that I got a small coffee instead of my usual large on my way to work.

Daphne Oz is total wellness nerd. Read her Beauty in Action profile for great DIY beauty remedies, essential oil tidbits, and more.

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