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Repotting 101: Guest Blogger

We’ve avoided houseplants in the past (NYC apartments are crammed enough as is), but The Sill is changing the way that we buy and display greenery. The start-up specializes in appropriately city-size (read: small) succulents and plants. In honor of our recently launched Birchbox Home: From the Garden collection, we asked Eliza, the company’s founder, and Erin, the social media manager, to bring their plant know-how to our blog. 


We do a lot of potting and repotting here at the office, but with spring finally here, it’s time to do some at home. Plants typically need to be repotted every year to 18 months and the best time for this is before the growth season in late winter or early spring. Not surprisingly, this task has been added to our spring cleaning to-do list, and it usually gets checked off first!

It’s a common misconception that repotting means putting the plant in an entirely new pot. In a lot of cases, it’s really just an opportunity to change the soil or potting mix. (This is great news if you love your planter and better news if you’re looking to splurge on a really nice one!) If you are changing pots though, keep it roughly the same size, meaning no more than two inches, smaller or larger.

Need some help? Don’t stress! Follow our simple how-to and check this item off of your to-dos! 

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