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Everything You Need to Know About SPF: Guest Blogger

Dermatologist-in-training and all around cool girl blogger Aegean Chan is the savvy mind behind super-skincare blog Aegmora. Chan educates her readers with particularly informative posts that tie together her science background and her extensive experience with beauty products. We love that she demystifies everything from familiar active ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide to the newest trends like coconut oil. This week, Chan teaches us how to fight acne better, keep our skin hydrated, and protect it from the sun.

I’ll admit, I’ve been in this position before (see above). Growing up in California, they tell you the sun is your friend. But that was a bald-faced lie. The sun is NOT a friend to your beautiful skin and I am here to tell you why and what you can do about it.

You may crave the golden brown baked look for the summer, but the harmful UVB and UVA rays emanating from the ball of fire that heats our planet destroy the collagen scaffolding that makes your skin look luscious and plump. Other evil, evil things these rays can do are encourage cell death, mutate DNA to make you more at risk for skin cancer, thin your skin, and cause unsightly damage at too early of an age.

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Oprah’s Natural Hair, Yin-Yang Nail Art, and Tan Mom Gives Up Tanning: Reading List

Welcome to August! It’s been an exciting week here at Birchbox HQ—we hosted an event with Caudalie, revealed the theme for our August box, and took a break to learn a little something from Birchbox Man about summer cocktails. This weekend, we’ll be catching up on the covers for all of our favorite September issues and relaxing. 


  • For the first time ever, Oprah appears on the cover of September’s O Magazine with her natural hair—un-straightened or blow dryed. The mogul looks even more gorgeous than usual! [Jezebel]
  • If you’ve ever seen a drag show, or RuPaul’s Drag Race, you know the hair and makeup are just as important as the clothes. In a new photo series, photographer Leland Bobbé captures men with half their face made up in drag. The transformations are remarkable. [Refinery29]
  • The rising queen of nail art, Katy Perry, has ying-yang nail art on the cover of Elle's September issue. Learn how to recreate the look yourself with black and white polish. [Beauty High
  • Tan mom stopped tanning for a month (kind of) and looks waaaay more normal. But can she continue to stay away from the booth? [InTouch
  • Growing up, there was one show that made learning about science cool: Bill Nye, the Science Guy! A new video with Bill teaches us how to tie a bow tie, super useful for helping the men-folk in our lives get prepped for fancy summer weddings. (Looks like it’s our turn to impart a little knowledge to Birchbox Man.) [Coco Perez]


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Would You Trust Oprah’s Derm?

We would. Which is why we’re interested in getting our hands on Dr. Harold Lancer’s new skincare brand. The dermatologist was strongly encouraged by his famous patient Oprah to develop his own line, which currently consists of five products all being sold exclusively at Nordstrom. Appealingly, the routine consists of just three items, the skin resurfacing polish ($50), the cleanser ($50), and the moisturizer ($100), and we are all for simplicity. While there are plenty of dermatologist-backed brands out there that aren’t as effective as we’d like (Eric recently posted about a couple of notable exceptions), Lancer emphasized in a recent interview with WWD that his products have “for the last decade been developed for use by my patients and that hasn’t changed.” And if your client roster includes people like Oprah, chances are this stuff is going to be worth every penny.


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