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Star Power: Celebrity Favorite Beauty Products

When we’re looking to improve our look in some way or another, we always end up turning to snapshots of celebrities in our favorite glossy magazine for inspiration. Inevitably, they’re wearing the perfect smoky eye or an effortlessly chic updo. Sadly, more often than not the secret to celebrity beauty is often an army of makeup artists, stylists, and trainers — not a financially feasible solution for our beauty woes. But what we can steal from the stars are the products that they swear by. We’ve come up with a list Hollywood’s cult favorite beauty brands—plus, we’ve found out who their biggest fans are and why these A-listers are so addicted. 


Amplify your celeb-worthy look with these 3 stage makeup tricks. Looking red carpet-ready is so much easier than you thought!

3 Surprising New Ways to Use Lip Gloss

Ever since I became a beauty writer, my tiny studio apartment has become the site of a lip gloss epidemic. The Container Store doesn’t make enough organizers to hold my stash, and recently I even started using an old tambourine to store extra glosses on my desk. Since there’s no way I’ll ever deplete my gloss supply, I tapped two pro makeup artists, Sarah Lucero and Reiva Cruze, to dream up three creative new ways to use gloss on your cheeks, eyelids, and even your hair (yes, you read that right). Maybe there’s hope for that clutter in my apartment after all. 


Not that we need anymore lip colors, but we can’t wait to get our hands on Burberry’s new lipstick.

5-Minute Makeovers for Hair, Skin and Face

We’re a perennially busy bunch here in the Birchbox office. Some days we go from early-morning workouts to dropping little ones at school to breakfast pow-wows with awesome new beauty brands to a full day of meetings in the office, and then back home for dinner and an hour of TV before we crash. (We’re exhausted just writing that sentence.) We know that many of you share the same busy-bee tendencies, which is why we decided to tap our favorite experts for techniques to get us gorgeous in no time at all. Whether you’re running from the office to drinks with friends or rushing from day care to work with a yoga pit stop in between, these mini makeovers will help you primp and prep in a flash.

Here are the must-know tricks to transform your look in five minutes or less.


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How To: Update Your Skincare Routine For Fall

As much as we love autumn, the change in weather from late summer heat to crisp autumn chill means that our skin has a yearly, totally inevitable freakout. To try and fend off any overwhelming complexion issues before they start, we asked (MALIN + GOETZ) co-founder Andrew Goetz for his best tips on changing up our skincare regimens. From swapping our products (time for a heavier moisturizer) to busting out the scrubs (exfoliate, exfoliate), Andrew gave us his insider tricks to help your skin survive the transition to fall


As much as we love bubbles in our products, we wanted to find out what it’d be like to give up our suds addiction. Check out My Life Without Lather.

How To: Find the Best Scent For Your Mood

The key to staying energized, banishing stress and staying focused may have been under our noses all along. When inhaled deeply, certain scent notes have the miraculous ability to influence our emotions and moods. Case in point? Moroccan rose—the extra-pleasant floral is a natural anti-depressant that lifts our spirits when we’re feeling down. 

We did our homework: here are even more of the mood-altering fragrances you need to conquer all of life’s little upsets.  


Our current Moroccan rose-infused fave to keep the blues at bay? Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Orange Flower + Lychee Hand & Body Lotion.

3 Easy Steps to a Deep Side Part

Deep side parts were everywhere at New York Fashion Week's spring 2013 shows, and we couldn't wait to try this dramatic style ourselves. Changing up your part is the easiest way to seriously alter your look without getting a haircut, but it takes more than a comb to get these sleek 'dos. We sat down with stylist Jenevieve Perry of Prieto Select Salon to learn how to create the perfect side part in three steps. Hint: grab your trusty flat iron.


Since this style won’t tolerate frizz, make sure to smooth down annoying flyaways with a leave-in serum

goop’s Editorial Team Dishes on Fall Must-Haves, Fave Recipes, and More

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the online lifestyle brand on an exclusive goop Birchbox this month. As far as e-newsletters are concerned, goop sets itself apart from the rest of the digital pack. We’ve been devotees since the brand launched in 2009, and look forward to the weekly newsletters filled with fun things to make, go to, get, do, be, or see. For this month’s Birchbox Crush, we tapped goop’s savvy editors for their top fall picks. Find out what books they’re reading, the sweater they’re living in, their dream travel list, and much more.


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