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Five Questions For: Nuxe Founder Aliza Jabès

We are sworn Francophiles for more reasons that just our love for the language (English sure as heck doesn’t sound as pretty) and the food (baguettes, steak frittes, crème brûlée — we love it all) and Paris (the city is just so ooh la la). In fact, we are even obsessed with French beauty products, especially NUXE, a natural line found in many luxury pharmacies. In the early ’90s, Aliza Jabès founded the brand by turning a private lab that specialized in aromatherapy and phytotherapy into a super-successful beauty company. We caught up with the busy CEO to chat with her about the NUXE philosophy, the best beauty advice she’s ever received, and her absolute favorite product.

1. How does being a French company affect your philosophy and approach?

The fact that NUXE is the leading brand of natural cosmetic products in French pharmacies is very demonstrative of the French cosmetic market as a whole. Women here look for products that are both beautiful and good for their health. Using our products is an enjoyable experience beyond their efficacy because everything we create is sensual and elegant, from the textures of our formulas to their fragrances.

2. If you had to choose only one Nuxe product, what is your favorite?

I love them all, but I have a special connection with Huile Prodigieuse®, my first NUXE baby. Twenty years after its creation, it’s still our number one product. This multi-purpose dry oil nourishes, repairs, and protects skin and hair thanks to its unique concentration of six precious oils and vitamin E in a silicon-free formula.  Fun fact: we sell one Huile Prodigieuse® every seven seconds in the world!

3. What are some of the benefits to using a dry oil?

A dry oil created from plant oils, like ours, will really nourish skin because it contains special fatty acids that are natural components of skin cells and it has lots of vitamins and antioxidants. One major benefit to using a dry oil is that it’s lighter and easier to spread than a lotion.

4. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

My grandmother and mother taught me that it is important for a woman to look after her skin and to never skip cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF. A beautiful woman is a woman with a radiant complexion. Even if you have the best makeup or most expensive clothing, if your skin (or hair) doesn’t look nice, nothing else matters.

5. Where would you like to see NUXE in five years?

I’d like to see NUXE as the worldwide leader in natural cosmetology in pharmacies.


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Win One of Three Gift Sets Worth $150 From Our Favorite Parisian Brand, NUXE.

When it comes to beauty (and fashion, and food, and art…) we’re total Francophiles. It stands to reason that we’re obsessed with NUXE’s particularly Parisian line of skin and body care. The natural, eco-friendly products are loaded with yummy ingredients like honey, shea butter, wild berry, and macadamia oils that keep skin soft and smooth. Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with NUXE for our latest Facebook sweepstakes. We’re giving away three gift sets filled with all the products you need to feel beautiful from head to toe. Just visit our Facebook page to enter and don’t forget to “like” Birchbox and Nuxe while you’re there!


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The Beauty of Froyo: College Girl

This summer, Birchbox’s content team is extremely lucky to have awesome intern Shana in the office. She’s a student at Syracuse University (the smarty pants is a dual major in magazine journalism and psychology) and she’ll be helping with researching, writing, product testing and, of course, blogging. In addition to daily beauty news posts, she’ll be writing a weekly column called College Girl.

It’s easy to get caught piling on extra toppings at your favorite frozen yogurt joint—a danger of self-service. Personally I have an unhealthy obsession with the Red Mango right by my summer dorm, and my brother’s endless supply of gift cards has really fueled my addiction. If you’re a topping hoarder like me, read on for a few healthy yet delicious options that should always make the cut. All of these natural ingredients will also benefit your skin, so I’ve also included product recommendations that will help you incorporate them into your skincare routine as well.

Blueberries: I’ve been known to pop one of these in my mouth and the next thing you know, the entire container is gone. But with this fruit, you shouldn’t worry about holding back. Blueberries are a high source of antioxidants, and work specifically to help reverse damage to skin cells and maintain youthful-looking skin. The blueberries in Alchimie’s Kantik Mask actually work to reduce redness in your skin, so you’ll ave a flawless complexion in no time.

Almonds: Another tasty and portable treat, almonds filled with fat-burning fibers, their antioxidants are great for skin health, and they have a reputation for being a great brain food. Plus, they’re packed with Vitamin B, which promotes hair and nail growth. Befine Exfoliating Cleanser is rich with almonds that will sooth and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a fresh palate before you apply any makeup.

Cranberries: Like blueberries, cranberries are full of protective antioxidants. Infections don’t stand a chance against this healthy treat, and research indicates that your gums can benefit as well. Cranberries work their magic on your skin in Pangea Organics Facial Scrub as they dissolve dead skin cells during exfoliation.

Honey: No need for an energy drink, honey will give you a boost when you need it and also protect your immune system. The sticky-sweet substance can also help heal small cuts, wounds, and burns. Nuxe Honey Reve de Miel Lip Balm is infused with honey to moisturize, soften, and heal your lips. So next time you’re reaching for the chocolate syrup, opt for honey instead.


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The Perfect Lip Balm: College Girl

This summer, Birchbox’s content team is extremely lucky to have awesome intern Shana in the office. She’s a student at Syracuse University (the smarty pants is a dual major in magazine journalism and psychology) and she’ll be helping with researching, writing, product testing and, of course, blogging. In addition to daily beauty news posts, she’ll be writing a weekly column called College Girl.

Stewart & Claire; Burt’s Bees; Nuxe Reve de Miel; Pangea Organics

Chapstick addicts, listen up. If you can’t go 20 minutes without reaching for that little tube of lip moisturizer, or if you have a slight panic attack at the sudden realization that you’ve forgotten your balm at home…well, you’re in trouble. The truth is, the petroleum used in many brands of Chapstick and lip balm actually dries out your lips rather than moisturizes them. You’re better off with a petroleum-free product — here are some of my favorites.

Pangea Organics Lip Balm: This lip balm is made from organic ingredients and the tube is larger than normal so it’s guaranteed to last you a long time. If you have sensitive or cracked lips, or just want a balm that tastes great, there’s a flavor for you.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm: A lot of people worry that balm in a jar will leave you feeling sticky, but this one does just the opposite. Moisturize, protect, and heal your lips all at once—and it’s even good for your cuticles and healing small burns.

Stewart & Claire: This just-launched balm is already a new favorite. Made in small batches in Manhattan, it’s certified organic and made from all natural ingredients. It comes in a range of flavors: Coconut, Mint, Spring, and Summer, plus a scent-less version called Bare. Summer and Spring smell absolutely amazing—you can’t go wrong.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: My best friend has an obsession with this one unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’d have to agree though—it is fabulous and your lips feel instantly refreshed the second the pepperminty zest hits them.


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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: You’ve Got Male

Once a week, Birchbox’s resident yoga and men’s product expert, Eric, will give us girls some insight into his world in You’ve Got Male. Whether he’s giving his expertise on skincare (boys need advice, too!) or highlighting his new favorite grooming trend, this guy has got taste—so we’re lucky he’s on staff and willing to share.

Dad needs help with grooming, too! My father has always been extremely grateful when I’ve gifted him grooming products. I usually aim for simple upgrades from basics he’s already using or something new that’s fast and easy that he can incorporate into his routine. This year, throw together a bundle of products for Dad and see how it goes! Here are some of my picks.

Nuxe Réve de Miel Lip Balm

This is officially my new favorite lip balm. It’s rich and creamy without being at all goopy. The citrus scent is fresh and light. Plus, the tub-style packaging is reminiscent of the classic Carmex, so dad won’t feel like he’s using something fancy.

Kiehls’ Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

This is a perfect product for that Dad who refuses to wear sunscreen when he’s on the golf course or in the yard. Tell him this is a quick, easy step after his shower. It’s so lightweight that is goes on effortlessly and he won’t even feel it on his skin.

Herban Essentials Towelettes

Incredibly easy to throw in a car glove box, these towelettes are a great way for him to clean up his hands after a meal on the go or before a big meeting. Consider it an all-natural upgrade from Wet Wipes!

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