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Transition Your Skincare From Winter To Spring: Guest Blogger

Whether you’re looking for celebrity gossip, the best product for frizzy hair, or advice on what to wear to your cousin’s wedding, the gals at Lovelyish have got you covered. This week, a handful of the site’s staffers—Katie Kubiak, Annie Strole, and Allison Wheeler—are bringing their expertise to our blog in a series of five beauty and style how-tos.  


Winter (and all the lovely skin conditions that come with it) is still here, yet spring is right around the corner. Frankly, it’s a bit of a confusing time when it comes to shopping. Are you supposed to buy a sundresses or coats? Sandals or boots? 

Not only do our wardrobes change with the seasons, but our skin does too. Sure, you could wait ‘til spring comes to invest in a new seasonally appropriate beauty routine, but honestly you need a new moisturizerlike right now. 

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3 Ways to Make Your TV Habit Way More Healthy


We’re only hours away from the Oscars and with it, the prospect of sitting in front of the TV for four-plus hours. While this week is a bit extreme, most of us have our own Sunday night viewing rituals (any fellowThe Good Wife fans out there?). 

For someone like me, who neglects cuticles till they’re ragged and spaces out on regular facials, Sunday nights are my time to catch up on both my favorite shows and my beauty rituals. (Let the record also show that I’m impatient and love to multitask.) Here are three ways that I’m making my tube time more healthy:

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A Handy Survival Kit for Your Holiday Travels

Overbooked flights. Train delays. Stinky seatmates. No one said holiday travel was easy, but it would be nice if it didn’t crush your body as well as your spirit. We asked Melisse Gelula, wellness expert and co-founder of Well+Good NYC, for advice on how to stay happy and healthy during the busiest travel season. Turns out it’s easier than you think.

(Photo: iStockphoto)

Eat at home beforehand
“You’re surrounded by high-carb, prepackaged foods at airports and train stations,” says Gelula. “So I eat a really healthy meal at home beforehand, like a kale salad with avocado and almonds.” A light, well-balanced meal will curb the impulse to reach for that in-flight Chex Mix freebie. To satisfy a mid-journey snack attack, reach for smart-but-tasty option like Lärabar’s ϋber bar.

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We’ve Got the Itch—And We Don’t Like It!

K.O the itch with this lush body scrub from uberchic French brand NUXE. (Photo:

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, you’ve probably experienced the dry, itchy skin that comes with wintry weather conditions.

Not only is itchy skin uncomfortable, but for us New Yorkers it has major social repercussions—one scratch too many, and you might be suspected of carrying the city’s dreaded scourge: bedbugs.

Rather than let this beauty no-no turn me into a social leper, I’ve turned to NUXE’s Fondant Body Scrub to stave off itchy, flaky, and cracked skin. While I used to think rich body butters alone would do the trick (amassing a lifetime supply in the process as part of my valiant efforts), I recently discovered my reasoning was a bit misguided.

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Rescue Summer-Ravaged Feet with a DIY Pedicure


I’ve spent the past few months prancing around in my slimmest sandals. While all this prancing has been wonderful for parading around my sandal collection, the constant exposure to the elements left my feet in bad shape. To cure my rough callouses, dry skin, and aching arches, I decided to try an at-home pedicure. Here’s my guide to treating your tootsies to a little TLC.

1. Get splashy in a foot bath. Fill a large bowl or your bathtub with enough warm water to reach your ankles. Add a few drops of essential oil, and soak your feet for five to ten minutes. I recommend NUXE’s Multi-Usage Dry Oil, which is packed with essential oils that soften rough skin.

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Team Intros: Meet Alyssa!

The only thing more unpredictable than Alyssa’s ever-changing hair ‘dos (in her two and a half months with us, she’s gone from hippie chic dreds to a sleek brunette bob) is where she worked before bringing her graphic design prowess to Birchbox. When we heard she came to us from a company specializing in hair dye for…down there…we knew we were going to love her. She’s currently rocking three tattoosthe one you don’t see is on her chest and says “The Lion’s Roar”but she intends to be fully covered in ink eventually. We can’t wait see what’s next!

Name/Title: Alyssa (but you can call me Aly), Graphic Designer 

Hometown: Queensbury, NY

Unofficial role: Social Butterfly

Fun fact: I’ve traveled to Spain, China, Thailand, and Japan. I love experiencing different cultures. I think my happiest moment was being on the Great Wall. It was breathtaking.

Beauty confession: I’m a serial hair changer. White blonde pixie cut, black elbow-length curls, fire engine red bob…you name it and I’ve done it. I actually just took my hair out of dreadlocks and this is the longest I’ve had my natural color grow out. I think I like it!

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California Wedding: Packing List

Caroline, one of our brand relationship managers, is currently in sunny California right now attending her brother’s wedding. We’re envious! Not only of the gorgeous weather, but of all the fun frolicking she’ll be doing with her family and all the delicious wedding cake she’ll be eating. Here’s what she brought with her:

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Hurrah! Nuxe for Men: You’ve Got Male


Some guys use whatever soap is in the shower. Others carefully consider the field and select the best option. Eric, our resident grooming god, falls in the latter camp. Once a week, he’ll be sharing his product findings and lifestyle tips.

Every once in a while, I get the exciting chance to see a new product before it’s released into the universe. Such was the case this morning when I learned that Nuxe (a favorite French pharmacy brand of everyone at Birchbox) will be bringing their fantastic men’s line to the U.S. this April. These products have been delighting guys in Europe for the last few years, and now American dudes can get in on the fun, too.

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What’s On The Birchbox Staffers’ Desks: Associate Editor Candice

We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a little East Coast bias at Birchbox HQ. But since Associate Editor and San Francisco native Candice started here a few months ago, we’ve opened our eyes to the wonders of the West. Like mass quantities of Red Vines and a generally more laid-back, cool approach to life. Today we snuck a shot of her product-filled desk including the amazing OCC Lip Tars she wrote about yesterday.

Click through for all of Candice’s picks.

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NYFW Beauty: Guest Blogger

We’re always looking for good sartorial inspiration, which is why we regularly turn to PR exec Jaimen Sfetko’s Tumblr, Jaimen Lee. Documenting her own stellar (and quirky cool) style, Sfetko gives us a daily dose of outfit envy — and has us wishing she did costume changes throughout the day. Naturally, we’re curious about the savvy New Yorker’s product picks, too. This week, Sfetko is guest blogging about her beauty musts and today she’s discussing her New York Fashion Week essentials.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and it’s a busy, jam-packed schedule for fashion and beauty bloggers alike. Rushing from show to show leaves little time for touch-ups, so you need products that will last. Here are my must-haves for New York Fashion Week that help to keep me fresh all day long.

  1. Something that Does It All: I received Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse® / Multi-Usage Dry Oil  in last month’s Birchbox and like the product description says, it really can be used for everything. Not only does it moisturize my cuticles and minimize my frizz, I also love adding it to a matte shadow to take my lids from day to night.
  2. Control Your Hair: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there wasn’t such an awful combination of heat, humidity, and rain in the city this week? Unfortunately, there is, so coating hair in Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel is a must first thing in the morning.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Open: Yes, it’s true: NYFW means no sleep. But why let everyone else know how much you’re suffering? Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara perks up your lashes making your eyes seem bigger and giving you the appearance of looking wide awake.
  4. Neutral Nails Are A Must: We all want to make a statement by looking fabulous at shows and it’s always tempting to try the latest nail trend at the salon before fashion week starts. But the reality is that between snapping photos, blogging all night long, and the general insanity of a packed schedule, a neutral shimmery color is your best bet. Zoya's polishes last forever and a chip with one these beige shades doesn’t equate to the end of the world!

Good luck all you fashionistas! Read the rest of our NYFW coverage here.