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The Supertrooper Primer and Brightener That I’ve Been Waiting For


Earlier this year, my skin began staging a terrifying revolt. Thanks to my 20-something hormones, my face began breaking out even worse than it had in high school. Thankfully, after a few months of retinol and a couple much-needed facials, my skin is finally getting back on track—and the silver lining was that I came away from travels in blemishland having learned two major beauty lessons: 

  1. Dark spot treatments with vitamin C are crucial when trying to cope with  acne-related pigmentation and scarring. 
  2. If you’re relying on full-coverage foundation (which I was), you’ll want to use a primer to get a smooth finish that lasts all day. 

Now here comes the super exciting part of this post: we’re sampling a product in our November Birchboxes that combines these two crucial elements. Miracle Skin Transformer’s Vanish is the exact product that I’ve been wishing for this entire year—and you’ll want to try it even if you have flawless skin. 

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The Texturizing Spray That Totally Changed Our Lives

You may have noticed by now that we like to get creative with our hair here at Birchbox HQ. While we love our low-slung ponies, more often than not, our staffers are sporting a fun braid, twist, or topknot of some sort. Essential to pulling off a cool ‘do is a great texturizing spray, and this month, we’re sampling one of our favorites from Oscar Blandi. While the entire office loves this stuff, here’s a look at how three staffers with totally different hair each use this game-changing product. 

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Pre-Dame’s First Date Makeup Look: Guest Blogger

It’s no secret that we absolutely love finding out makeup artists’ insider tips, which is why we couldn’t be happier to have beauty maven Stefanie Syat on the blog this week. (You may have seen her work on our staffers in Birchbox’s Fall Lookbook from earlier this year.) Syat is also the founder of Pre-Dame, a New York-based makeup party service that comes to you at any location and helps you prep for a night on the town. Stay tuned all week for even more of Syat’s expert tricks!

Need Stefanie’s help? Find out more about her and Pre-Dame here.

Dispatch From Paris: Cult Favorite Swedish Skincare

Have we mentioned how great it feels to be an international company now? This week, the JolieBox team sent us a snap of these oh-so-delightful skincare products from Swedish brand M Picaut—a beauty editor favorite. While we’d like it even better if these goodies landed on our desk, for now we’re just happy that Mathilde and Co. are keeping us ahead of the curve on all the chic new European brands!

Interested in seeing what’s going on across the pond at the JolieBox headquarters? Check back every week for our regular dispatch from Paris!

VIDEO: Birchbox November 2012 Sneak Peek!

Earlier today, we gave you an update on Birchbox post-Sandy. The good news is, our office is open (yay!) and we’re working on getting your November Birchboxes out the door. Unfortunately, due to our warehouse’s closure and reduced staffing, some of our November Birchboxes will ship after the 10th. We are doing everything we can to speed things up and thank you in advance for your patience.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few spoilers about your November boxes. This month, our theme is Give, and it feels even more appropriate now. Click through to learn more about some of the products we are sampling this month. Be sure to answer this month’s  question—What are you thankful for?—in the YouTube comments to be entered to win full-size products.

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Service Update: Birchbox is Back in Action!

We’re excited to share that Birchbox is back to business as usual and fully operational. Our offices are open. Our warehouse is shipping full-size orders on time. Monday has never felt so good!

Full-size orders from the shop are shipping immediately. Our November women’s boxes will begin shipping in waves starting on Wednesday 11/7. We expect 50 percent or more to be out the door by our promised deadline of November 10th. A portion of boxes will ship as late as the 15th of the month. We appreciate your patience as we make up for lost time due to our warehouse’s closure and reduced staffing.

We are so thankful for the support of our customers during this difficult time. We’re extremely proud of the dedication of the Birchbox Team over the past week, working together in a challenging situation to continue service to the best of our ability. We couldn’t be more excited to get back to work delivering you delight and discovery.

Hayley, Katia and the entire Birchbox Team

P.S. .Keep an eye out for our exciting holiday launches! We’ll be unveiling the Birchbox Holiday Shop later this week and announcing our latest (very giftable) Limited Edition box shortly!