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Plus-Size Bloggers Are The Fashion Industry’s Newest Stars

Nicolette Mason, a fashion blogger and Marie Claire columnist, shows off a self-styled outfit. (Photo: Nicolette Mason)

In the world of high-end fashion, a plus-size model is pretty much any woman who shows the slightest hint of curves—hence why Kate Upton has occasionally been classified in this category. Glossy lady mags and other mainstream media outlets have a bad reputation for over-featuring particularly thin women. If you wear anything above a size 2 (the average American woman is a size 12-14), it can sometimes feel impossible to find a model who shares your body type. 

Now a new breed of bloggers are increasing the visibility of plus-size women in fashion. The New York Times reports that independent plus-size fashion bloggers are gaining a following by showcasing their ability to dress in on-trend outfits that show off (rather than hide) their bodies. 

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