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7 Ideas for Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Hairstyles


New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, which means it’s time to stockpile noisemakers, experiment with crazy glitter—and of course accessorize your party frock with dazzling hair. Whether you’re spending the night at home glued to a Ryan Seacrest special or dashing off to a high-octane bash, you can ring in 2013 with these Instagram-worthy hair styles. After all, beyond the bubbly, NYE is basically one giant Instagram session.

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New Years Eve Manicures: Nailing It

Operations associate, Loren, has a thing for nails- and we can’t blame her. We love reading about new finishes and fun techniques, so we thought we’d give her a weekly slot on our blog to wax poetic about all things manicure (and pedicure!) related. Check back every Thursday for Nailing It, Birchbox’s dedicated polish series.

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It’s time to ring in the new year! While I don’t know what you have planned for NYE, I do know that this night usually means big things: an awesome outfit, sultry makeup, dancing shoes, and a great mani! Since I’m still not sure what polish I will be rocking tomorrow, I decided to round up some inspiration. From the classic combo of black and gold to matte ombre sparkles to colorful confetti glitter, these are a few of my favorite festive ideas. 

What will you be wearing on your nails for NYE? Tell me in comments!

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Eva Chen Vows To Become “A Stickler For Regularity”: New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Here comes the New Year! The end of 2011 means we can start thinking about all the exciting things we want to add to our lives (new shoes!) and all the resolutions we have for the next 12 months (get more sleep!). With that in mind, we asked some of our favorite people in the industry to tell us what their beauty/health/wellness resolutions are for 2012. They gave us a peek into how they’re planning on sprucing up their routines. Up today: Teen Vogue's fabulous beauty director, Eva Chen.

"My resolution is to be a stickler for regularity: make my next brow/cut/derm/you name it appointment as I leave the salon, instead of madly scrambling and wheedling for an appointment when I’m in dire need of it."

Eva Chen, Beauty Director at Teen Vogue

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Beauty Resolution: Get into a Healthy Routine

I’m resolving to drink more water and eat more Omega 3s to help hydrate my skin. And also to incorporate more stress relieving activities like yoga :) -Alta

My resolution is to exercise three days a week (even though I’m already nervous about committing to this!) and. It totally counts as a beauty resolution because it makes me more zen and we all know beauty comes from within too! — Katia

Resolutions Worth Making

I have a friend who has an atypical New Years tradition: he writes down all his resolutions on scraps of paper and, at the chime of midnight, burns them to ashes. I like this. It’s a firm stance against those un-keepable resolutions that we all make. Then again, there’s something about January 1st that is incredibly seductive - the chance to reset and charge forward refreshed. This year, instead of resolving to lose five pounds, I’m more focused on tweaking my lifestyle to make it healthier and happier. I love the approach that my friends at Well and Good NYC are taking: they’ve devoted this week to healthy resolutions that they can achieve, from trying exercise classes that scare them and detoxing their beauty cabinet. 

My beauty resolutions are still in the works, but here is a small start:

-No more being lazy about SPF. I’ve been lectured by dermatologists, facialists, and skincare gurus for years and still I laze by with the modicum of sunscreen in my daily tinted moisturizer. No more. It’s SPF 30 everyday or bust. Stay tuned for more resolutions from me and Team Birchbox.