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Why Movember is About More Than Silly Mustaches

(Photo: Birchbox Man/

I always look forward to celebrating Movember with my friends, family, and co-workers. Beyond the fact that mustaches are just plain fun to look at, I find immeasurable joy in supporting my male friends (a.k.a. mercilessly ridiculing them) as they compete for the grandest or creepiest style. But what makes me happiest about Movember is that all this silliness has a very important purpose: to spread knowledge and encourage open dialogue about men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. 

This is an issue that has immense personal importance to me, since I lost the love of my life, my dad, to prostate cancer. But it also has universal significance. We all have men in our lives who we care about, and the sad fact is that men are much less likely to visit a doctor or be pro-active about their personal health than women are. Consequently, awareness and funding for men’s health issues lags far behind other causes. For instance, did you know that the life expectancy of the average man is five years shorter than his female counterpart?

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