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15 Minutes to California Girl Waves: Guest Blogger

Los Angeles native and USC student Sophie Elkus is a self-described fashion addict. Her blog Angel Food Style is where her joy for putting together the perfect outfit comes to life. And you would think that her fabulous dress sense must come second to her studies, but Sophie proves that having a full schedule doesn’t mean sacrificing style. This week, she’s sharing her favorite beauty and fashion tips for women on-the-go with us on our blog. 


My go-to hairstyle is a loose, soft wave, which is a touch more polished than beach hair. The style transitions seamlessly from day to night and the best part about these waves is that they look great on the first and second day. After experimenting with different curling irons and techniques, I’ve mastered an easy step-by-step routine that takes about 15 minutes.

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Reading List: A Few Items Unrelated to the Hunger Games

This week, we may have gone a little overboard with the Hunger Games mania. Who am I kidding? There’s no such thing as too much Hunger Games mania. I digress. In case you aren’t quite as obsessed as us, here are few other fun things going on right now.


  • When we’re not freaking out about Hunger Games (t-minus one hour until show time, guys!), we’re probably getting excited about the new Mad Men season starting on Monday. Sadly, we’ve been remiss in our menu planning for the premiere so we were excited to see the Today Show has us covered with recipes for cocktails inspired by the show. [The Today Show]
  • When beauty products are truly awesome, they stick around. The legendary highlighting concealer, Touche Éclat, is turning 20 this year. Who knew something that makes you look so young was so old? []
  • Moroccanoil is moving into body care. The line will include a scrub, moisturizer, hydrating treatment, hand-and-nail cream, and soft-softening body soap. Like the brand’s haircare collection, the collection will contain Morocco’s indigenous argan oil. [WWD]
And we’re off to the movies! See you on the other side.


One product we think will be around for 20+ years? Fresh’s cult Sugar Lip Treatment.

The Perfect Blowout: Guest Blogger

The moment you start reading Alex Yeske’s dreams + jeans blog, you know one thing for sure: the girl has excellent taste. Musing on everything from fashion to beauty to design, the recent Syracuse grad has a knack for spotting pretty things — a skill that no doubt serves her well in her day job as a graphic designer for Madewell. This week, we’re lucky enough to have her guest blogging for us about everything from her beauty must-haves to how to get the perfect blow dry.


My hair is naturally wavy and tends to get frizzy when there’s any sign of humidity. To keep my strands manageable and sleek, I have to blow it dry. Here’s my step-by-step to achieving the perfect blowout.

Tools you’ll need: A blow dryer with a nozzle, a round brush, leave-in conditioner, frizz tamer, and clips.

1. While hair is still very wet, spray a leave-in conditioner or detangler on it. (If you spray once your hair is already dry, you’ll end up with sticky strands.)

2. If you have bangs, dry them first to prevent any annoying cowlicks or waves from getting out of control. Be sure to have a nozzle on your dryer!

3. Without using a brush, get some of the moisture out of your hair by throwing your head over and using your dryer. Be careful and don’t let your hair get too dry.

4. Now apply a frizz tamer. I love using Moroccan Oil. Only apply from the middle of your hair to your ends.

5. Start with the back of your hair and pull sections forward as you dry. I started using a boar bristle brush and it’s made a huge difference. Work your way forward piece by piece. Keep each section small and make sure to layer the hair evenly on the brush for the best results.

Enjoy your straight, frizz-free hair! And remember, practice makes perfect so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right away.

In case you’re interested in a super-clear visual, check out our video on how to master the blow out.