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A Hybrid Styler to Make Hair Happy


The intrepid guys at Birchbox Man love to try new products, especially ones with intriguing words in them like “hybrid.” This week, they test drove Baxter’s of California’s new Hard Cream Pomade, which combines the look of a cream with the hold of pomade, and were delighted by the results. Turns out it’s a mashup made in heaven.

Click through to see the product on three men with three very different hairstyles, and pop into the Shop to grab one for the lucky man in your life (you know, the one with unruly hair).


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The Boys (Products) of Summer

Grooming has come a long way since Barbasol. 

From shrunken blazers and boyfriend jeans to oversized watches and oxfords, women’s fashion has been taking plenty of cues from men. My bathroom is in the same mindset, with more and more man products creeping in. I’ve been a longtime fan of grooming products ever since I started stealing my dad’s razor and Barbasol. I’ve since graduated to more sophisticated picks: Anthony Logistics must-try shaving cream; Malin & Goetz’s unisex body washes; and Kiehl’s heavy duty sunscreens. I love how men’s products tend to be more straightforward than women’s products, with scents that are more fresh and zesty than heady and floral. But don’t worry — I’m not giving up my fuchsia lip gloss anytime soon.

— Mollie

Read our roundup of the best products to steal from the men in your life, then pick up my favorite Anthony Logistics shaving cream in the Birchbox Shop.

Cleaning Up, More Ways than One

I’m a big fan of Anthony Logistics products, even though they’re ostensibly meant for men - in fact, so many women were buying their ingrown hair treatment that they launched Shaveworks, a sister line of products designed for women. Their latest miracle move is a philanthropic one: 50% of the proceeds from all their body cleansing gels and shampoos are going to the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, which is aiding in the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup. And for all those boyfriends, husbands, and guybuddies nagging for a good facial cleanser that doesn’t smell like a garden or make them break out, try Anthony Logistic’s new Foaming Face Wash, with glycolic acid to exfoliate, avocado oil to soothe, and foam just for fun.