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Hot Yoga and Skincare Tips With Well & Good NYC

NY-based yoga instructor and general badass Loren Bassett.

Last night, I headed uptown to hang out with Well and Good NYC at Pure Yoga West, a gorgeous space that feels more like a spa than a studio. The event kicked off Pure Shape, Pure Yoga, a three-part series with some of the city’s top instructors. First up: Loren Bassett, who led us through a sweaty but fun hot yoga class (think Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and plenty of vinyasas). But that was only part one: after we all toweled off and rehydrated, the site’s co-founder, Melisse Gelula, told us the secret to preventing post-workout blemishes.

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Wellness Tips From Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner (Including How To Speed Up Your Metabolism)

Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner led a workout on the sand this past Saturday with Well & Good NYC and Evian Water. Photo:

This past Saturday, at a time when I would normally be sleeping in, I was sweating up a storm, working out my quads and biceps. What could possibly have gotten me out of bed and doing pushups and squats? Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner. Well & Good NYC hosted a workout event with Evian Water and Warner as part of Evian’s Live Young, Get Fit! series and I was lucky enough to be invited.

If you’ve ever seen either of Warner’s Bravo reality shows, Work Out or Thintervention, you know she’s an excellent motivator. In addition to leading an intense workout in the sand at Beekman’s Garden in NYC’s South Street Seaport, Warner talked about why she teamed up with Evian, and offered tricks for staying motivated to work out. Plus, she shared a delicious and easy recipe for a shake to drink before you sweat.

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The Next Big Natural Makeup Trend: Mascara!

A few weeks ago, I sat down with one of our favorite natural beauty experts, Melisse Gelula from Well & Good NYC, to get her thoughts on switching to a more eco-friendly skincare routine. In addition to chatting about her must-try products, we also got to talking about natural makeup trends. According to Melisse, “The next thing to look for is mascara. Pretty much every natural company that doesn’t already have a natural mascara is killing themselves to make one that customers will like.” Click through to find out Melisse’s current favorite mascara.

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Melisse Gelula Pledges To Put an End to the “Crazy Stockpile”: New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Here comes the New Year! The end of 2011 means we can start thinking about all the exciting things we want to add to our lives (new shoes!) and all the resolutions we have for the next 12 months (get more sleep!). With that in mind, we asked some of our favorite people in the industry to tell us what their beauty/health/wellness resolutions are for 2012. They gave us a peek into how they’re planning on sprucing up their routines. For today’s post, we chatted with Melisse Gelula, one of the co-founders of Well+Good, which is our favorite resource for all things health, fitness, and well-being related.

My resolutions aren’t exactly civilian beauty issues because I cover natural and organic products on Well+Good. Therefore, I have a crazy stockpile of beauty products in a closet, so my resolution might be to try more of them and move it along!

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Skincare Tips from Well and Good’s Melisse Gelula

Photo: Larkin Clark

Wellness guru Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well and Good NYC, takes her skincare very seriously. When I talked to her for this month’s Birchbox Crush, we spent nearly an hour chatting about different types of cleansers, exfoliators, oils, serums, and moisturizers. The big takeaway? Switch things up. Your skin changes from day to day, season to season. The products that work perfectly during the winter aren’t going to translate to summer. Thanks to her, I’ve swapped out my usual salicylic acid wash, which was too drying on my skin during wintertime, and am using a creamy cleansing milk by Dr. Hauschka instead. I’ve also thrown a face oil and rich moisturizer into the mix—both to great effect. Read her 7 Habits of Highly Effective Skincare now—it’ll change the way you think about your products.


For more of Melisse’s natural beauty and skincare tips, read her Birchbox Crush.