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Gross! 1 in 5 Makeup Counter Products Has Something Growing On It

We’re arming ourselves with endless alcohol wipes the next time we hit up a makeup counter. Photo:

Public Service Announcement: Stay away from makeup counter products! Or, at the very least, don’t put anything near your lips or eyes, and use lots of alcohol to disinfect everything. Recently Good Morning America performed an undercover test of makeup counter products and found that one out five contained mold, yeast, or fecal matter growth. Um, ew.

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Nicole Richie Uses Less Makeup Than You!

Although you might not believe it given her glam appearance and thick eyeliner on the red carpet, Nicole Richie told at a recent event that she only owns three makeup products. What are they? Under eye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler. She told the magazine, “ I have to get it done every time I want to wear makeup. I do not know how to wear it at all. It’s so bad.

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