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The Search for the Ultimate Red Lipstick


Lancôme ROUGE IN LOVE in Rouge Saint Honore

My recent editorial stint at Birchbox isn’t entirely to blame for my sudden infatuation with red lipstick. But my co-workers wholeheartedly supported my newfound fixation, and I was suddenly inundated with lipsticks, glosses, and stains in various shades of crimson, brick, and scarlet.

As methodical as I usually am (very), there was no real strategy to my sampling. I smeared on the proffered color and solicited feedback. This one was too glossy, that one was too matte; this one made me look like the blow-up doll in Old School, that one aged me. I tended to like pink- and blue-reds over reds with orange-brown undertones, and preferred a bit of shine, but not too much.

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