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Play Round 2 of Our Matching Game and Guess Our Styles!: Special Ops

We’re always talking about the staffers in the Birchbox office, but the ones who you interact with everyday are the ladies of our hard-working Ops team. These fabulous femmes handle all of your customer service woes. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them even better—so here’s a peek at who’s on the other side of the phone.

Last month we played a guessing game to help you get to know some of our Ops associates better. This month the game is back!

Here are three Ops ladies: Madison (a), Paulina (b), and Noha (c). Randomly placed below is an outfit or accessory that belongs to one of them, featured in the numbered pictures 1-3. These three love our customers—read on to find out more about their personal style and see if you can guess what items belong to them!  


A. Madison:

Madison explains her style as “anything bright and colorful with a bohemian and hippie-chic vibe.” She adds to her bright outfits with cute booties and playful accessories.  

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